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Dranzdm8 Released
Dranzdm8 is finished. Titled "Teardrop," the map is a small/medium sized DM with an open layout. It's set in rock and floats in space (kind of).

I went for a simple, un-complicated look but somehow the r_speeds still got a little out of hand. It's designed for small FFA and duel, personally I think it works best with 5 player FFA.

The map, along with screens and info, is available at my site:

Feedback very welcome. Enjoy.
I Like It 
The strips of light look like too much in the screenshot, but it works well in game. 
nice map, nice style and design.
but: non-acceptable r_speeds and stairs aren`t that smooth :) only two little flaws :) 
On The Matter Of R_speeds 
1.What are considered "acceptable" r_speeds ?

2. How do you display r_speeds ? (is it r_speeds 1)

3. What does the screen output mean? What are the individual numbers, and which is the one/ones of most importance? 

That'll go along way to answering 2 and 3. 
Thanks, I have that info, but it is different from what gets displayed when I use the r_speeds 1 command. I'll put this in the Mapping Help thread, so I don't mess with Drannerz map release. Sorry Drannerz :) 
No Worries Dude 
Any opinions on gameplay and item placement? 
this is sweet. awesome atmosphere! 
One Thought 
I think the quad is a little hard to get to for a newbie. I'm adament in the opinion that as the single most important part of the game, it should be accessible to people of all skill levels. The pros have enough of an advantage without helping them. 
Nice Map Drannerz 
I haven't really checked the gameplay yet but the looks are quite interesting. The r_speeds are indeed damn high in places but if you consider the openness and massiveness of the layout they are OK imho.
I hope to have some games on the map in the near future so I can give you some comments on gameplay / item placement and the like. 
Good Map 
With the use of heavy weapons provided with a lot of ammo combinated with the very open layout, battles should be quite bloody =).
The effect with the rocks is excellent, i mean if you look at them a bit distanced the effect is quite real.
I've found only a place where i think there's the green texture instead of the metal texture, but not sure.
Hey, it could be cool a Q3 version of this map =). 
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