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Four New Reviews At RetroQuake
RetroQuake has posted some new reviews:

* Odyssey 1 (Q1SP)
* Cheops Revenge (Q2SP)
* Storage Facility 1031 (Q1DM)
* D-Day Normandy (Q2 MP mod)
eheh phdm2 is almost to make waypoints for this one... but other�s maps show up and i quit!!! 
I understand you do not speak english all that well and I'm afraid I don't understand that post. 
Can't Spell 
Of course I post that and spell your name wrong. hehe. :) 
for the Odyssey review! 
Roulf Sorry 
most of the time i dont read what i wrote...that�s the big problem...sorry!!!

what i mean was: that i�ve already seen this map and was thinking about making waypoints for it, but i had other�s in my to do list and forgoted about this one :p

keep up the good work!!!

About The Screens 
sorry mate but most of the screenshots in your reviews are an eyesore! you know there ways to generate a good image and keep file size down at the same time. it's not that hard i'm sure you can handle it :) 
I think they are ok... at least compared to speedq1... 
O.k. we've had alot of debate over the screens. Please tell me how you all would like them done. There's not much I can do about the old shots but maybe we can make the new ones better.

If I leave the shots alone they look blurry, if I try and touch them up they end up to saturated or to contrasted. Please, give me your advice. 
They Seem 
fine to me. 
I think its great that a site is still doing q1 reviews etc. Q1 has kinda died a death recently publicity wise which is a shame as some quality releases are still happening.

go retroquake! 
sorry mate, didn't realize they were old screenies and making new ones for every old map would be a pain in the ass. my bad. they're alright the way they are. 
Q1 Reviews 
A great big Thank You to the few sites out there (retroquake, underworldfan, quaddicted, youse here at func, &c.) still spreading the word, and providing a place for the newer player to catch up on the classics and milestones, not to mention the amazing stuff still being released. 
The Screenshots Are Fine 
I mean you can see everything you need to, so who really gives a shit?

As Phait mentioned, the shots in his review seem a bit oversaturated, but I doubt I would have even noticed if he hadn't pointed it out.

However, if you did want to improve your screenshots, I'm sure there are some people here who could give you some tips. Plus, it would be fairly easy to convert all of your old images, if you really wanted to - just make a Photoshop action once you perfect the process, and apply that to all your old images in a batch job... done! 
More suggestions!

On the right, there's the small bar with all the recent reviews, blog and news updates. The only problem is that you can't really tell which are reviews and which are news updates, and I always seem to choose the wrong ones.

So, either have only reviews or news blurbs there, or simply add something like "NEWS:", just for old, nearly blind people like me. Please. 
heebie skidoo 
I agree, and that will be addressed. That's why I try and give my news post a little flare to make it known that it's a news post. 
Daz #10. 
in case you didnt know, im still alive (i think) and so is my site (definitly). ;) 
in case you didnt know, im still alive and so is my site

We give thanks. 
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