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Quake In WinXP
How do you all do it? DosBox or a source port or what? That's all I regret about going XP, cant play Quake anymore...
No problems. Or Dark Places, that works too. 
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XP Pre SP1? 
If you haven't got SP1 and SP2 yet, there's a bug that apparently causes quake to crash. You can fix it either by installing the service packs(usually a good idea anyway) or installing a fix available from Not sure if the problem still occurs with the newer engines people suggest, but either way I'd recommend getting them too. 
I have sp2 and have no trouble running winquake, glquake or any of the source ports like Fitzquake. Never tried running the original DOS executable on XP though. 
winquake crashed for me on XP until i installed the service packs. Personally I'd use FitzQuake, unless you're particularly against custom engines. 
All Work Perfect! 
all clients work fine to me....just had a fps problem in some clients but is solved! download equake and try to run. 
I would recommend Darkplaces if you are used to other FPS games and the control that they give you. 
how much effort would it take to type it in google ? 
In Windows XP.. if you have an opengl32.dll in your quake directory.. delete it... (back it up just in case).

That should solve your problem. But forget about running DOSquake. You should be able to run winquake, gl, and etc however. 
opengl32.dll should be deleted on any version of Windows unless you have a Voodoo video card or GLQuake simply won't run. 
No, Only If 
it's located in the Quake directory, like Mindcrime said. All OpenGL-enabled Windows versions have opengl32.dll located in the system/system32 directory and they should definitely not be deleted. 
Well, that's what I ment :) 
Re: Quake In WinXP 
On XP or NT-based OS's, DOS Quake will not run. Use WinQuake instead, that's the general work-around for that problem. 
Fitzquake! Use fitzquake! 
I don't know why more people don't use aguirRe's Nehahra's engine. It's truly beautiful. It has just enough. Not too much. Not too little. Not to mention it's fast as hell. I've seen no other engine that handles polys as fabulously. Even Kinn's marcher map is light work. Smooth, fast, I use nothing else personally (unless it's to test something on other engines :p) 
Here Here 
The Only Drawback 
I can think of is the dependencies the executable is based upon. I have been meaning to get around to asking AquiRe how those can be set up for any mod. Besides that rather minor issue, it is a solid framework. Clocks as well as Tomaz Clean Code (which is sort of a rendering monster) on frame redraw. 
Always good to see MindCrime active in the Quake multiverse. 
Thanks For The 
kind words guys!

HeadThump: AFAIK, as long as you have Nehahra installed and explicitly use the -game option, NehQuake should be able to run any mod.

The search order for resources goes -game (if specified), hipnotic/rogue (if specified), nehahra and finally id1. This means e.g. that if the mod doesn't have its own progs (pretty unusual), NehQuake will use its own progs if you don't copy id1's progs into the mod dir. 
I reckon the engine would run fine with a mod that had certain files present, such as the spr32s for the explosions and the smoke.tga. Not sure what else...

And Headthump.. yeah, I'm more active than usual. I've actually been updating the page. Scary stuff eh...

I've had my head buried in Quake work for a couple weeks now. 
If I Had A Dime For Everytime 
AguirRe posted with Thanks for the...
kind words guys!
I'd be rich. AguirRe, you are appreciated. :) 
AguirRe's Nehahra Engine 
is very fast, indeed. its speed also makes the gameplay a little more challenging. it was a real surprise seeing it in action, the smooth monster movement and all (compared to fitzquake, in which it all looks a little jerky). but the monsters' skins look blurry and slightly too dark, in relation to the map's textures - i think it's the same in glquake. fitzquake, on the other hand, displays the skins more detailed and less gl-like, which i prefer. or is it just a matter of configuration on my part? 
any GL engine prefers to handle graphics - including textures and skins - whose dimensions are powers of two e.g. 128x128, 32x64 etc. What GL engines do to compensate for non-PoT graphics is to shrink them down to the nearest PoT then strecth that version back out to fit the original surface. This looks varying levels of cack.
Most of the skins for the original id monsters are not PoT.
What FQ does is 'pad' the non-PoT skins out instead and refit them so they line up with the model. Thus image degradation is avoided.
FQ also has model overbrights, which is metl's deliberate implementation to emulate the model lighting in the original software Quake rendering. It can be disabled with gl_overbright_models 0
'Smooth monster movement' is probably model interpolation. metl intends to add it to FQ at some point. 
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