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Qexpo 2005 Now Open
Qexpo 2005 is now open for business! The booths are open and the fun begins!
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some screens and a dl of a beta of my map 
I'd like to see some more textures worked in, it looks interesting and I like some of the scale - but some parts are bland - like the tele. 
thanks for the feedback and as metlslime suggested, i am working for more texture variation. imho it looks better in game, but that is probably always true. 
I guess it just stuck with me because i was very fond of the preview shots of jjspq4, which never materalized.

Now THAT was a long time ago. 
If you're talking about the shots on my site, I regret to inform you that the level seen in them has most likely disappeared from my harddrive. But it's not really such a bad thing, only the first room was actually decent. The rest, the stuff you didn't see, wasn't nearly as good. 
It was the ones from your site, which blended ID medieval with the Hipnotic white block texture.

Yeah, it did seem like all of the shots were from one room, it would seem like a hard theme to keep consistently good.

So, yeah, post some screens on your booth. 
Speedmapping Is Up

The new speedmap pack is here, headed by 2 great maps by neg!ke and preach, with follow ups Entar and Zwiffle. Download and play! 
Your Themes Have All Been 
very appealing this summer Zwiffle, and this one coming up makes me want to set some time aside to give it a go. 
Nice shots Hrimfaxi, i look foward to whenever SPQ day is. 
Singleplayer Maps Day 
Quake Map Files Under GPL 
Special for Qexpo, and especially for you, I released all of my quake and quake 2 map files under GPL. Check them out here: 
SMQE2 Uploaded 
SMQE2 is released with 4 maps! All are pretty good this time around, very enjoyable. Authors are Drew, Generic, neg!ke and Zwiffle. Download at spawnpoint: 
Sweet Pea 
9-26-87 cheyenne wyoming 
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