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Qexpo 2005 Now Open
Qexpo 2005 is now open for business! The booths are open and the fun begins!
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Nice shots, i'm looking foward to it.

And how is it possible to fit 10,000 brushes in a map? 
Thanks. Fitting the brushes in isn't that hard, but as I say at the booth, getting it to compile was the challenge. Happily I can report that it's still working as I compiled a full copy of the progess so far last week (takes about 7 hours for qbsp+light+vis). Anyway, I'll be releasing the map file after the bsp is done, as I usually do. 
There's So Much Creativity In There 
it almost makes me shiver and sure adds a lot to my restlessness about doing quake stuff.
i don't really care about those engine ports, though.
good thing that next week will bring some descent single player action to occupy with again... :) 
who ever decided to put the SP maps day at the end of qexpo is a genious! XD 
what i am dying to know is how the frell you managed to get it working in quake. I have a map with roughly 7500 brushes, and i have had to remove much from it because i ran out of faces. :P 
Simple, Necros 
you just build everything out of 3 point pyramids instead of brushes. Sure, the map'll suck, but you can't have anything. 
instead of cuboid brushes. 
I have a map with roughly 7500 brushes, and i have had to remove much from it because i ran out of faces.

Really? The limit is 65k and I'm only at ~30k right now. Are you sure it wasn't leaking or something? 
btw, how did you finaly get around the text editor size limitation problem you had last year? 
Tyrann: Nope, wasn't leaking. in fact, at the time i was hoping that sealing the map would fix the problem... but sadly no. :P
also, iirc, the limit is 32k, but i may very well be wrong. besides clipnodes, faces is the limit i hit the most. in fact, i prefer clipnodes because solving the problem is simple, but when the problem is # faces, the only real solution is the reduction of them, which, obviously, sucks. :P

HeadThump: i am using textpad now. aguire sent me the link way back then. it's a nice text editor and has text colour and highlighting which is nice when i work on quakec. 
Well, the face count limit for the Quake bsp file format is 65k, but it'll most likely crash any engine that hasn't fixed the bsp loading code to handle it (or at least look severely corrupted). Actually, my map is crashing Fitzquake at the moment, so I'll have to work out why and send Metlslime a patch or something... 
Crashing FQ? 
Interesting, cos my terrain map ( getting very long in the tooth and still unreleased - see my QExpo booth for screenshots ) also crashes FQ 0.8
It didn't crash FQ .75 while I was building it though. Could this be a face count issue too? 
If My GLQuake 
doesn't crash on the map, it might print a console warning what's wrong. 
Quake Travail Booth 
...If you like SPQ, take a stroll to the Quake Travail booth...

I know this map set is going to be good when it's done. 
Very nice shots you've got over there.

Another Qexpo come, another Vigil booth that just says "Under Construction". Awesome.

yes, *cough*

Go see the Travail Booth. Nice shots abound ( i'm even partial to my own ) 
What did you say about my maps?(possible inside joke about my real first name...)

General question - I checked out the Travail booth at work and the screen shots looked perfect - it's an HP Pentium 4 system and fairly generic for office use with a no-name 17" monitor and nondesript video (can't remember the chipset.)

I come home to my Radeon based system and a decent monitor and I go to the booth and 'THE SCREENIES ARE TOO DARK!!!...) NOOO... I want all visitors to see shots of our fine work.

My question is why the differences? - Could this have something to do with browser settings or desktop colour depth or the video card itself? I ask because my monitor seems fine and nothing else is too dark. Any insight would help as it appears that what is too dark to some (me included) also can look just right (me included too.) 
Check your card settings. On my Nvidia I have a taskbar icon I can right click and switch between gamma profiles whenever I need to. I can set the gamma for just desktop, or everything else (other apps, video etc.). 
Monitor Calibration 
Nvidia NView Bbrrrrrr 
On my Nvidia I have a taskbar icon I can right click and switch between gamma profiles whenever I need to

That is some scary, control freakish shit. I'm very curious whom they contracted to create it and what kind of fascistic minds program software like that.

I use an old ati board now, but for months I wrestled with the settings for a GeForce 4 because NView would force a hidden configuration file to load that was not quite compatable with my WindowsMe and it would screw up everything. Until I found an older copy of the GeForce drivers without the NView .dll's it was a living hell to deal with it. 
Check Your Control Panel 
if you have a standard Nvidia set up, NView should be in there and the taskbar icon is just an extension of it. It may work beautifully with WindowsXP, but when I beta tested the product a few years ago, with the same rig (the one that died two months ago) but with a GeForce 2 MX instead, it was pretty much the same crappy problems I experienced earlier this summer. Only difference being that I was at least getting feedback.

Sorry for the rant, just bad memories. 
QExpo Speedmapping 
Zwiffle posted this in his booth:

The first event will be themed
"The Emerald City" after the Wizard of Oz.

It will take place on
Saturday, August 13th, 2005 at 3:00 PM Central time.

Feel free to map before hand and send it to me if you want, sometimes time-zones don't work out too well.

Today is the first of the two mapping themed days at QExpo, and this is a rare opportunity to show what the mappers here can do.

It would be fantastic to get another huge turn out. The 2003 Expo was the first time I hosted a speedmap, and although it was a spur of the moment thing, we ended up getting over 10 maps!

Maps are getting buried under all the mod news, so help Zwiffle out by heading over to #speedq1 on Quakenet and making 3 maps each! See you there, dudes. 
That makes me smile... 'over 10 maps' :-) 
Another Qexpo come, another Vigil booth that just says "Under Construction". Awesome.

I find it absolutely frightening that you can remember what I wrote in my booth 2 years ago, because I sure as hell can't. 
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