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SM103 Set To Help Out Your Dementia
Hey! SM103! You want it!
neg!ke has a map!
Zwiffle has a map!
Starbuck has a map!
generic has THREE FUCKING MAPS! (One I missed from last week :( )
6 maps total!
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Cool Stuff 
sm102_generic - it's pretty good. sm103_generic1 - was very fun but too easy (that's probably due to pent secret and a quad one). sm103_generic2 - lol. sm103_starbuck - very nice and detailed, but god damn, fightning two shamblers with an axe and 38% health isn't my cup of tea. sm103_neg!ke - nice tree. ;) sm103_zwiffle - very nice, too much hellknights though, and this is the first usermap having spawn/tarbaby in it! YAY! 
Nice Pack To Go Out On, Zwiffle 
My favourite of the three. I liked how clean and nicely put together it was, but not as much as generic likes teleporting monsters in.

Fun map. Original theme, if a bit plain. The quad made it a bit easy, but still not a bad secret.

there was this map called VAN about five years ago that some guy made for his son's birthday. The map was basically his son's name, 'Van' in huge brushes with lots and lots of monsters around it. I remember thinking what a cheapass lousy father he must have been.

Originality is one of the best traits a speedmap can have, so maximum respect to neg!ke for this one. The axe combat can be frustrating but it's something different. And that tree was totally awesome, nice work.

This is a good solid speedmap... lots of gameplay in a large layout, lots of monsters (er maybe too many). Par for the course for a skilled speedmapper like zwiffle.

IdBase usually hates me but I wrestled out something I didn't dislike the look of. Time spent making it more detailed could have been spent adding another section and testing it more... It was indeed, a bit too difficult.

I appreciate the comments on my map from both Shambler and Gila, cheers guys. I think I won't be speedmapping again for a while, it always exhausts my mapping energy and leaves me unable to put effort into real releases. No more excuses, I should have plenty of free time next year.

Also, props to Zwiff for doing the speedmap thing, you had a good run and it's appreciated by all who don't have nuclear weapons pointed at (I'm looking at you, Vondur). 
guess Von is working in more detailed maps... at lest i hope so...he is a great mapper ;) 
Whoa, Nice! 
Not much more to say really. I even enjoyed Zwiffle's map this time :)

Starbuck's was too hard. 
Great Pack 
102generic: nice one, fit very well to the theme. the exit gibbing is cool, too.

starbuck: looks very good and is also kinda big. apart from the lack of ammo for the shamblers an enjoyable speedmap. my favorite from this pack.

generic1: interesting textures, the quad could have been left out. i got squished by the bridge once :)

generic2: amen to that!

zwiffle: also very nice. big and many monsters, but a little plain. i didn't find it too hard, even the hellknight thing was ok (i already saw myself dead, but it worked out fine in the end) 
Good Pack 
Neg!ke axe slaughter, and Starbuck's interpertation of Tech theme stood out for me the most, but it was all good.

I remember thinking what a cheapass lousy father he must have been.

lol. Dad bought a six pack of Budwieser to share with me on my twelfth birthday. I had a feeling he was going to buy the beer anyway, but, hey, nice to share! 
OK, It's Only Me Keeping On... 
I have played sm103_zwiffle a number of times and cannot get 100% kills. It seems as though one monster at least does not transport correctly as he is missing a trigger_teleport. That's OK, this is a speed map so I'm not complaining.

But I want to know what's going on with the tarbaby. I can get him to 'angle-grind' the buttress every time (FitzQuake0.80)

Can anyone tell me what is going on here? It looks like the transport-fog effect being run (and it sounds like it) several times in quick succession, which suggests that because the tarbaby is getting stuck on the buttress, he is invoking the transporter effect. Does that make sense?

Has anyone else seen it? Could the effect be usable in a map? Why does the tarbaby get stuck temporarily?

It's a great trick Zwiffle no matter how you did it! 
Yeah I Noticed It Too 
If you walk up to where the tarbaby gets stuck, you'll get pulled into the Freaking Vortex and get stuck too. It seems out "friend" Zwiffle has misplaced a trigger_teleport there with the destination inside the teleport, so whatever touches the teleport is stuck in an infinite loop as it teleports into the teleport. 
Yes czg is correct. I've had this happen before. It happened recently in my latest map:

I have a reciprocal teleporter setup where I expected only the player or one other small-bbox monster to be able to tele between. So I left the triggers' player only spawnflag unchecked and placed the corresponding tele_dests 32 units from the edge of each trigger, thus leaving a 16 unit gap between the edge of the player bbox and the trigger surface - plenty of clearance. I then added an ogre ( large bbox ) in the area and he had a habit of trying to follow the player through the tele. The larger bbox is 16 units fatter than the small bbox all around, so when the ogre arrived at either dest his bbox was in surface contact with the other trigger. Cue the Amazing Stroboscopic Ogre!

On one occassion the poor bastard flashed noisily between both dests for several seconds before gibbing. I don't know if another monster was alerted and charged into the tele trigger too, or if the engine got so confused with the ogre that it eventually telefragged itself. That would be a neat trick for any monster to pull off, even though it's a rather final one :P 
OK, thanks.

I've had a quick 'nose' into the map and can see 4 trigger_once and 1 trigger_teleport all superimposed right by the buttress so with your explanations, I now understand what was happening. Still, it looked good.

(Sorry Zwiffle, didn't mean to pick holes, I still enjoyed the map.) 
2 Monsters 
Don't spawn correctly - a Vore and a Scrag, I believe. I don't know why, I checked their teleports and destinations, and it should work, but I decided it wasn't too big of an issue to care any further.

The tarbaby thing I have no idea about, I always killed it, so I don't know about that whole infinite loop inside of itself teleport idea. Weird tho. :O

CZG called me a friend. :D 
...shhhh, just call it a "feature". 
The top-left scrag (in Top view) is surrounded by a solid brush of trigger texture, not a trigger_teleport; and the vore is surrounded by a trigger_once instead of a trigger_teleport.

And if I had made as many SMs as you, I wouldn't worry about it either.

And as for the tarbaby with the angle-grinder, I think it's brilliant. Having played with it a bit more, he seems to be the only monster who can escape the 'Freaking Vortex'. 
or if the engine got so confused with the ogre that it eventually telefragged itself.

Anyone have any idea about the unanswered "Player gets close to a teleporting in monster and instead of gibbing the monster gets flung almost instantly away" issue??

This happened when I was doing the Zer5 speedrun (which, incidentally stayed on SDA for many years), so maybe it's a Zer issue, but it happened a few times (1 in 20 maybe?) when trying to telefrag an ogre at the start. I have a demo somewhere... At any rate I've always wondered about it... 
Good-looking Maps 
but with less good gameplay, mainly due to weapon/ammo shortage in most maps.

sm102_generic was very Q3A-ish and worked pretty well, except for the bumpy floor. I also had some lost monsters due to me jumping off a platform too early. Otherwise a nice, clean execution.

sm103_generic1 was fun until I suddenly noticed that I only had grenades left and a shambler in a hopeless position at the top of the pyramid. The earlier secret quad tricked me to use all my shells/nails on the zombies. Thankfully, reloading the last saved game had the shambler running off the pyramid and thus making it possible to beat him.

sm103_neg!ke had an unusual idea (like QDN) and it worked pretty well, except that the defensive combat gets a bit boring. Sunlight felt too strong and in zenith, creating a flat atmosphere. Otherwise a well made map with an original look and even a falling leaf (although it took me a while to realize what it was ...).

sm103_starbuck was the best map both visually and gameplay-wise, but had the same problem with weapons/ammo. It was manageable, but just barely. With better guns and more ammo, this would've been great. Lots of places for secrets, too.

sm103_zwiffle was the most crowded map with loads of HKs and some surprising sfx. The "vortex" is caused by a brushless teleport that then ends up at (0 0 0), which happens to be near the first fiend. In my first run, he was also the victim of the vortex and anyone else getting too close was gibbed. There are also one scrag stuck in a solid box and a vore stuck in a trigger_once, causing invalid kill counts. Combat could've been good with better resources, but led now to an extremely defensive style. I had to let almost all the HKs [slowly] kill themselves due to ammo shortage. Visually a nice and consistent map with good potential.

More ammo please ...! 
...I'm sad I didn't get any fiend vortexes... 
yea I really couldn't figure out neg!ke map... it seemed after i fought the dogs and enforcers, then the bars wouldn't go down on that one teleport. Unless it's because I'm using Darkplaces?? 
darkplaces is to blame here!
after killing the enforcers an ogre is supposed to teleport in, upon whose death the bars are lowered. however, both ogres in the map spawn a bit too close to the wall - which usually is no problem -, but darkplaces apparently throws such entities out of the map.
this really sucks as it scews up a whole majority of maps!... 
so in that case, without using dosbox, what is the appropriate engine to use to get such problems to work? 
yea neg!ke's map was cool once i elected to get fitzquake instead of darkplaces...

nice work 
Played It 
sm102_generic: fun map with some nice surprises. I kept tripping on the uneven floor detail though. End gib made me lol.

sm103_generic1: this was great too up until the very end, where it was impossible to finish the map because I ran out of ammo before the shambler was killed. Nice textures though :)

sm103_generic2: ooookaaay.

sm103_neg!ke: forced axe combat got old after a bit but nice tree :} I saw the magic leaf thing too :D

sm103_starbuck: damn fine architecture for a speedmap, but I had nowhere near enough ammo/health to take down the shamblers at the end. The vores were manageable, just.

sm103_zwiffle: again, pretty good build quality. Adequate ammo/health and fun gameplay. The hknight horde and the cheeky spawn at the end were good for comedy value. Definately my favourite of the pack. 
Kinn has verbally sex0red me. Take THAT czg!!!

me-> 8========D *** O_O <---czg 
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