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..::LvL Has 8 More
Decked out with 8 new reviews is ..::LvL. This update covers a number of game types, with a little something for most! Top pick is 'Final Honors' from long time mapper, Munyul. A very impressive level with a bit of a story behind it.

* Final Honors by Munyul (CPM DM/Tourney 2-4 player)
* Last Minutes Of Pompeii by aVe (DM 3-7 player)
* The Vast And Furious - 13th RMX by sst13 (Space CTF/Team Arena/DM/TeamDM 3-7 player)
* Dark Void by sst13 (Space CTF 6-10 player)
* Dead Sun Skies by sst13 (Space DM/Tourney 2-4 player)
* The Black Realm - Special Edition by sst13 (DM/Tourney 2-3 player)
* The Big Pool by KRIS (DM 3-6 player)
* fractured by ROODOG (Space DM 4-7 player)

Thanks to the hard work of {BFG20K}, a HEAP of reviews have been submitted. This means you lot can expect a few more big updates soon. Thanks heaps to all the reviewers in this update!

Thanks for keeping the site alive. It's great to have a common place for Q3 maps to make themselves known; furthermore, having such a great archival resource is wonderful. 
;) i dont play Q3 but i always like to see new maps,maby with q3 source out the Quake1,2 and 3 maby could be fused in one client!!! 
can use QC, Q2 dlls, and Q3 QVMs for interperting game code, as well, it handles the different model and bsp media from the three Quakes. So your wish is already granted. 
I know fte is very nice but not perfect iet in th other games...just Q1 
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