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What's Out There ...
I was looking at the oil rigs in the ocean link that was posted in inspiration. This made me think of the question:

What kind of lesser known maps are out there (for Quake 1)?

Any Mars maps? It looks as if the Quake palette would support such a thing.

Other than Source of Power that was reconstructed by Aguire from an older mod, I can't recall seeing another "ocean map" or even a map with an island except for fc1 that had the boat on the river. I've seen a couple of "canyon style" maps.

Are there any particularly unique lesser known maps with themes other than the 3 or 4 styles we normally see -- which are great, by the way -- base/castle/enclosed lair/futuristic/rocky.

I'm largely referring to single player. I'm sure most have seen the mockups of someone making a house or fort or even a kitchen or huge toilet for a DM map.
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Though the colormap.lmp has the '.lmp' extension, it is not a valid lmp like the rest of the UI graphics, becuase those all have an 8-byte header indicating height and width, and colormap.lmp is just raw data.

So, you could technically open it and save it in any paint program that lets you edit raw files (PSP has this feature.) 
I think everyone is playing quake with engine mod (fitz, MH, DP etc) that allows independat pal full color textures... so whats the
problem ? 
Noir Quake 
if you are using ATi card, u can go to drivers panel and set some funky shader mode (b/w/red or sepia or whatever ) 
Post #52 Clarification 
independet palette and\or full color textures 
I think everyone is playing quake with engine mod (fitz, MH, DP etc) that allows independat pal full color textures... so whats the
problem ?

Couldn't be more wrong. 
Just Changing Textures 
is hardly the same thing as changing the palette wich applies to more than textures and doesn't involve actualy having to make/edit ltos of content. 
Just Changing Textures Is Hardly The Same 
but u can get same/better results with fewer problems

Isnt that what u want - use some other set of graffics in color different from what you have in q1 pal.
And you dont have to care about HUD and monster skins, unless you want to change them as well.

If you just want a b&w quake - messing with a pal might be a better option than mass-desaturating (processing textures is ~10 minute job, but extracting all the skins could be tiresome)
But just changing the colors you get "omg too much DOB/DXM" effect

With enhanced engines u can have independent pal per texture (just like 1st Unreal) or use 24\32 bit (just think of the potential of the alpha channel for cool features and effects)

Palette limitation is awkward but u dont have to put up with it nowadays

Speaking of the players
are there any people still without gfx card capable of running something like fizquake or old TQ?
s3virge anyone ?

Or I guess some people prefer to use winquake cause they are very used to it`s pixelated look and color-shift shadows - would they mind using GL engine version to play a good map with custom hi color textures?

How many people dint play something like marcher, just cause it had to be run in a special version of quake

And as you can read from Frib`s and others posts - messing with palette is quite a hassle and it does involve editing lots of content. 
noir quake, thnx ATi

oh, and funny someone brought up that SPD map as the example of something original

As I recall the end section (flooded one) was made just like an architectural experiment and not meant to be playable.
But then I desided to add it to that bleh-level remake of doom map01, in order to try to re-create the atmosphere I had experienced playing doom - being alone in a weird dangerous world (and hence the text - its written after the text you see in doom2 just before 'Dead simple' level)

pS: ehh its 6am. I hope you could get what I mean 
Nope 2. 
How many people dint play something like marcher, just cause it had to be run in a special version of quake

From readme_marcher.txt:

This map was designed primarily for high capacity engines, such as Bengt Jardrup's Win/GLQuake variants, and LordHavoc's DarkPlaces.
However, I have gone to great lengths to ensure that the map is at least playable in FitzQuake, and the original Win/GlQuake
Well yeah, with packet overflow galore, sound losss, far away geometry dissapearing.
And no skybox too :(
Not your fault sure, just want to point out that marcher does require new engine to be enjoyed. How many whines did you get due to it, Im really curious

Same thing with hi quality textures - you could play map in whatever quake u want and see the textures in q pal, no issues here, just worse visual quality. And playing in some other engine you enjoy the smoothness and viriety of colors. Nothing is wrong.
One minor thing : d/l size increases when you include the hi-color textures with your map. But thats not a big deal, esp if you keep most images 8bit and not 32bit TGAs 
The Problem With Hi Quality Textures 
everything else, monster skins, weapon skins, etc are still low res and the resulting contrasting effect is not very good. 
I havent seen a good set of replacement hi quality skins yet. 
there is no contrasting effect, unless you use some totally whacky vibrant colors

it probably all comes down to most quake mappers being purists
stock tex, no code mods
keep the spirit alive! brown for life
colored light must die

everyone who wants it fancy has moved to hl2 or whatever 
I meant that hi res background textures dont mix well with low res monster and weapon skins. 
its ok. many the games have that 
I Havent Seen A Good Set Of Replacement Hi Quality Skins Yet. 
I have ;)

Rename them to the proper (=non-tenebrae) naming convention and place in quake\id1\textures\models and using them in QMB, JoeQuake, DP, etc. 
The only really improved skin is the Wizard, looks great. The rest look worse than the oriignals. 
Ogro's A Talented Artist 
but only the ogre, the scrag and maybe hte shambler look better. 
The high poly models look pretty good. I don't care for the cheesy sharp teeth on some of the models, or Sumo-Ogre, but they are well made.

The skins are another story. They are realy bad, Enforcer and Hell Knight excepted. The skins look jumbled over the wrong polies, stretched out, and the detail work on the body and limbs make little visual sense. On the fiend you have that well defined bicep and then it just blahs out once you get past the shoulder.

He is a good artist, I loved the Caleb skin for one, but on balance these stink. 
what are color-shift shadows? 
However, I Do Recall 
Tenebrae did some weird things with the diffuse textures. They would look washed out. Not oversaturated washed out, but some how less defined in the features. Maybe it isn't Ogro's fault. 
I remember ogro pimping those on the polyclount forums ages ago. Basically, there were some limitations he couldnt get around (I think he used the original quake skinmaps, but I could be wrong) and it's meant to look better in game.

Still, apart from maybe 3 of those, I wouldnt consider them better, whether it's ogro's fault or tenebrae's. 
Nitin yeah, same old UV maps on the boxy models

And unfortunately they dont work just as replacements for non-tennebra, except scrag and shambler, like you`v said. Cause they are not meant to be used w/o normalmap

wasn`t there some 'Quake skin replacement project' for non-tenebra
Maybe we could do a 'community pack' of q1 skin replacements, if any artist are interested

inert software quake doesn`t lay lightmaps over the textures like gl, it draws lighting by shifting the color of the texture according to the palette, and thats why u get grey texture looking blue-ish-greeny :(
on the up side sw renderer can brighten the textures as well, while lightmaps only darken 
ah that explains alot, actually -- thanks 
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