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What's Out There ...
I was looking at the oil rigs in the ocean link that was posted in inspiration. This made me think of the question:

What kind of lesser known maps are out there (for Quake 1)?

Any Mars maps? It looks as if the Quake palette would support such a thing.

Other than Source of Power that was reconstructed by Aguire from an older mod, I can't recall seeing another "ocean map" or even a map with an island except for fc1 that had the boat on the river. I've seen a couple of "canyon style" maps.

Are there any particularly unique lesser known maps with themes other than the 3 or 4 styles we normally see -- which are great, by the way -- base/castle/enclosed lair/futuristic/rocky.

I'm largely referring to single player. I'm sure most have seen the mockups of someone making a house or fort or even a kitchen or huge toilet for a DM map.
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I don't know if it's "lesser known" but I always thought that KJSP1 by killjoy was very unique in terms of how it deviated from the normal SP style.

For one thing you start out in an ocean/lake thing an climb the sand to shore, and traverse the outside of a stark white temple. It's a pretty cool intro that has always stuck in my mind. 
Hmmmm Yes... 
Another uber-specific and inward looking "discussion" topic, just what this board needs. 
But In The Interests Of Answering It... 
A Moon Map

Back when Quake was new, there were an enormous amount of things made. I wasn't playing Quake back then and mostly played multiplayer until recently.

I would wonder if most Quake players are even aware of the existence of a lot of these things. 
I Can Imagine ... 
>Another uber-specific and inward looking
>"discussion" topic, just what this board needs.

this isn't exactly the most interesting topic for mappers (been there, done that, discussed it to death, I'm sure).

I'm asking this question because those here know more about this topic than anyone else.

Rest assured, my interest are to make it so this question need not be asked in the future.

I'm not trying to bore the map making/reviewing/playing elites to tears. heheh

My interests are in categorizing the most interesting maps and make some reference material -- after I play them, of course ;) heh 
And ... 
I have read many of the reviews at Team Shambler/Underworld Fan/etc.

I was just wondering if there are more obscure or older/stranger maps of interest that most people don't think of or are not well known. 
Before Shmabler's site there was Matt Sefton's site
and before that there was pure crap.
I remember sitting at my school downloading maps from onto a 1.4" floppy and bringing home, and they were unanimously terrible. It wasn't really until late 97 or so that people started making decent maps.

In particular I remember the horror that was the Aftershock pack (which led me into mapping, so yay!) which came packaged with ~60 or so custom levels. One was a giant box with the pink/black checkerboard textures (which renders as HOM in GLQuake). Another was a box that spanned the entire grid with lava at the bottom and thin walkways across it and lots of shamblers. Other highlighs included ghosts.bsp, which was pitch black, filled with monsters and slime, and no exit, and swamp.bsp which was a lovely creation of vertical water brushes and flying fish.

Another thing you might (not) want to check out is After The Fall
a total conversion which is pure shock and awe because oh my god it's so terrible I'm crying just by thinking of it. Sound effects that sound like a lewd phonecall, textures made from photos of motherboards, the completely nonsensical bolo gun... BIKER BITCH NOO!

So what I'm saying is that the only thing that is worth checking out really is the stuff listed on Matt's and Shagbler's site, and you can find plenty of original stuff there too. 
Czg Lol 
i was bringing the levels from on a 1,4" floppy from work too!
i remember i needed 10 floppies to bring zerstorer home goddammit!
and matt sefton's site helped alot to separate shit from the tits :) 
I was using my good old 14.4k modem to download stuff back then.

Once sefton stopped his site (and moved on to unreal and q2), I went away from the quake scene. When I accidentally came across TEAMShambler 3 yrs later, I was pleasantly surprised. 
That list wasn't supposed to be retro-p1mpage, just that it's the easiest place for me to find styles of maps.

I remember Lunar Base.... 
Oh God 
Another thing you might (not) want to check out is After The Fall

I'd somehow managed to completely forget that. Or more accurately, scour the horror from my mind. PC Zone put it on one of their cover disks without giving their dear readers any sort of warning whatsoever, and I never bought another issue after that*.

Thanks for reminding me of the pain czg.

(* Probably a lie) 
Was That 
the coverdisk dedicated purely to Quake?

That was such a useful CD! It introduced me to such wonders as Horror Quake and Painkiller.

Aftershock pack

Was this the one that you had to pay money for? I remember seeing a map pack for Quake in the local gaming store many years ago. 
Anonca Base 
Anonca Base is evidence that simple maps can have a lot of atmosphere. It was a strange, chilly, blue weird map with a layout that seems DooMish. It has it's own flavour.

I would say that with the exception of A Place of Belonging and a few others, maps didn't start approaching id quality until the Matt days.

Stumbling upon TSQLR was a pleasent surprise and made me want to actually make maps.

A couple other maps come to mind - an ugly but unusually atmospheric one called Lighthouse which used custents. There was something about those long halls with the noisy rotating shafts that drove the light that was cool. Very crude mapping though and the highlight was a moving light ent to simulate the panning beam from the lighthouse.

Shambler already listed it but Soulstice in Elek's Tide of War Nehahra expansion is phenominally original in atmosphere, environment and gameplay.

I forget the name but there was this small base-tech map with non-id textures that at the very end, dropped you into open water with the ruins of some sort of sunken city or complex. It's a weird end that is kind of different and novel.

Neil Manke's maps are off the typical theme but they don't necessarily appeal to everyone. I didn't mind them although they could be ugly looking. 
I forget the name but there was this small base-tech map with non-id textures that at the very end, dropped you into open water with the ruins of some sort of sunken city or complex.

Sounds like it's Speedy's SPD_v2 map. 
My World Is Your World 
quite original. Hard as hell though. 
SPQ2 is what got me back into mapping. I stopped after the first version of THRED because I thought carving was the only way to change textures on faces since the editor only worked that way. SPQ2 made me give Radiant build #42 a shot and I'm glad it did - before that I was content making spaceships in DOS 3DS2. 
Always The Nostalgia :) 
I remember making my first map in aftershock's toolbox/ deathmatch maker pro thingie. Quite unsophisticated, but it taught me the basics! 
It seems lots of the maps are lost, I've checked fileplanet(anyone hate the new interface?) and, maybe I should check 3dgamer too... 
Anonca Base... 
anonca base 3... and that other aztec level by rob marten... 
Most Maps Aren't Lost 
Best way to find maps --->

Search for: mapname.bsp (like aerowalk.bsp)

If your map doesn't appear, then ...

Search for: (like

If that fails:

Search for: +mapname +quake +map (like +aerowalk +quake +map)

I've rarely run into a map I couldn't find. 
Back when I was really young, (10), I brought Deathmatch Maker home with me from the store, I found things pretty cool but I couldn't figure out for the life of me how to link two two boxrooms together, it was seemingly impossible :D. I could have been the maker of kill_box. I've come a bit since then.

I had never seen that one before. Innovative as hell.

(I guess it was reviewed at the Underworld fan site and given a 12/20. I probably skipped it due to that.)

That Anonca Base map was strange. More like a Doom map. 
Lost Maps 
FFS! This is why I have most available SP maps in my archive...,com_docman/task,search_form/Itemid,52/
^don't forget to mark "Name:" & "Description:"!

If you can't find a map there, but got it on your harddisk or somewhere in the web, then tell me about it, PLEASE! 
I forgot. I use your archive like this, hope you don't mind ;)

Shows 1000 at a time, heh.,com_docman/task,cat_view/gid,41/limit,999/limitstart,0/ 
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