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Discussion About Making Interesting Enviorment In Quake
These days I'm thinking about making interesting things in Quake,for example you create a set of func_push and make the player fly through a long tunnel;or you make arcade-like gameplay,for example the player is on a big lift and the lift goes up and you have to fight lots of monsters and when you get to the top you have to fights bosses,etc.
I think you can make many new things in Quake,those who wandering on the planetquake forum may remember that I once tried to make a "lava goes up" thing :D
it'll be fun if the player have to jump up constantly(just like in FC games)to avoid the lava:D
Finally I have to say that there're many cool things that waiting us in Quake mapping,really.
Why I Wrote This? 
I just think that games are games and games shall be fun.Today most people are thinking about creating coolest architectures,but it's like giving a ball to a baby,to the baby the ball is cool,but he'll put it away after a while.The same occurs here,we are trying to create the coolest architectures here(from doom to doom3)but is the fun going up? I don't think so,since you'll not still build quake maps if other games are more fun than quake.
So I began this thread just try to find more fun in mapping:D
(Bad English and plz don't blame me for that) 
I`m Heading That Way Too 
I Used To Do This Loads.... 
When I first started mapping for quake I didn't give a shit about making actual levels, I just spent all my time trying to do cool stuff with the entities or engine.

I once built a room and scaled the entire thing (including the textues) up by twelve. When you spawn in it looks like a normal room, until you walk forwards or fire a rocket, then you're like "holy crap, dude! this place is fucked!"
If you wanna download it, it's here:

(please download this as it's cool)
(please don't download this as PQ will slap my ass)

I can't actually think of any other crazy shit I built, but I spent about two years building this kinda thing before I actually started making playable maps. 
That Link Again: 
That Was... 
...ummm interesting
i think I tried something similar ages ago w/ base textures. I managed to make a hallway that looked as if it was normal but was gettin smaller ... but there was no purpose to that because the player just gets stuck and then turns around and look and sees how far they just ran...
wish I still had it to show 
That's an interesting oddity. It feels like you're wading waste deep in a floor made of molasses. 
As A Whole 
I think you can make lots of fun things with Quake1 engine :D and you can bring lots of arcade things into that! 
No Worries, Just Having Some Fun. 
I just think that games are games and games shall be fun.
And fun shall be novelty. 
I Think... 
there was a map made by czg which had this type of gameplay... it was a severly linear map which had a time limit, and which resulted in your death if you failed to finish in the time allotted. 
Strange indeed.

And pushplay summed it up nicely. 
cool idea.

i've got loads of prefabs and things i made for a map (3 maps actually) before i got bogged down in "the world of real life automotive engineering and uni".

i got various funky starecases and bounce pads (tunnels and stuff too), things to propel grenades.

i'm crap at timers and buttons tho so never experimented on those 
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