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I've found that adding to the Obscurus thread for Nehahra related stuff is moderately depressing, so with some substantial Nehahra releases in the future, I thought it best to give it its own thread.

This is the place to voice any comments or suggestions on Nehahra, as it is being revamped and the final official episode of the main Nehahra/Quake storyline is in development.

Progress in that department can always be found at:

It would be especially helpful to mention any bugs noticed when trying to play and/or map for Nehahra. Chances are I'm aware of it and have rectified it or intend to do so.

Suggestions for new features are welcome, even though there's already a truckload of those in the game (not to mention a lot of cleaning up -- where possible -- of wonky setups to certain features). Maybe I'll share some that I didn't share on the revamp page on here in the future. For the most part, once the release happens including the Devkit2.txt, a mapper with the intention of making a Nehahra map will have such a broad range of freedom and options that it might well result in them being committed to a local sanitarium.

Speaking of that, if anyone is working on a Nehahra map or episode that I don't know about. Clue me in. You can count on my interest. I know of several already.

The ones that I do not know the current status of are:

(what happened to this?)


(Glassman needs to answer his emails!)

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Not sure how I ended up with clone threads :/ 
Posting in clone of historic thread. 
Dead Clones And Phil Music 
The clone thread was murdered.

And I actually got off my arse and expended the atp molecules to register. Wonders never cease.

For the Ph1l fans:

11. Thinking about adding in a custom_monster entity for mappers who want to build maps post-release. It will basically enable the mapper to add in custom monsters not in Nehahra. All it will take is some know-how.

That would be a wicked, nice feature. I'm often beside myself wondering how to form natural groupings of monsters. It would be nice to be able to plug in a few extra ones to fill out a theme. 
Oi. Though the entity name will be monster_custom. It will involve a handful of defining entities. But once you have all the entities that define that monster in the map, you need only do it once and you can then place as many of those monsters as you want.

For most mappers this will be too much, as it's practically coding a monster.. from inside the map! heheh

Though you could just as easily use models already in Quake and Nehahra and turn them into unique boss monsters too. 
Demo To DVD 
You should sell DVD's with the Nehahra movies on it. Easier to watch them on TV.

JoeQuake .dem to .avi ---> avi ---> DVD.

Nehahra Movie 
Hehe... I'm not in the business of selling DVDs.

Btw, on a movie related note, I've started posting the Seal of Nehahra script. I'll add to it a little here and there in my free moments. Eventually it'll be complete. (I reckon I'll add game scenes in the end too).

But it's right here:

Only the first 3 scenes so far :> 
I talked to him about 3 years ago.

He didn't have the time to finish the pack, but offered me his two partially finished Nehahra maps if i wanted to do something with them. I declined at the time, but i'll fire him off another email and see what he has lying around. 
Hmm, cool. You could drop me his email too at:

Maybe I had the wrong addy when I tried. 
good job! now you will get 100x more spam 
Like I don't already? run a search on my email.. It's all over the furgin place. :) I just delete the spam as it comes. ;) Nothing can make it worse than it already is. 
Another Phil-ism 
Fall of Chthon

A song inspired by Quake, Seal of Nehahra and one song made of Doom II. It's a lil' story of Phil, when he encounters the big lava monster Chthon in the end of Quake's episode one.

Scroll down.

Not quite as humorous as thephil.mp3, but fun. 
Let�s Dig The Holes And Find All 
let�s dig the holes and find all the addons lost! :) if u want i can email again glassman mindcrime! 
Trinca Diggin Holes 
Easy there, trigger. Calm down. Regulate your breathing. :) 
Phil said "y'all"
Phil did? :o

I've already gotten emails thanking me for starting to put up the script. Geesh, I only mentioned it here and not on the Neh page (I wanted to have more of it up first before I linked it there).

I'm being watched. *looks around, paranoid* Heheh. 
Yeah, buncha lazy bastards y'all are.

See thephil.mp3. 
He did indeed. :D 
Hubs & Other Stuff 
While the Nehahra game doesn't use any hub system, whereby you can return to maps you were previously and find them as you left them, but I had a lot of success working with a hub system in Obscurus (even if it requires saving games differently for it).

For potential mappers who will use Nehahra in the future, do you suppose I should plug this in for you prior to release?

On that note, is there anything in particular any of you mappers would like to see in addition to what will already be in the game (which is already quite A BIT).

I'm trying to think ahead a little here. If Headthump or anyone has any thoughts on this, I wouldn't mind hearing them.

Chances are, about anything you can think of.. I have coded at one time or another and have the code ready for it. I just don't want to clutter the progs.dat needlessly with stuff no one will ever use.

Something to chew on... 
Coincides With Today's Discussion 
A crouch function that could be used in Nehahra based projects that use Q3 bsps would be very useful.

If you use any of the current crouch modified .qc's with a Q3 bsp, you can crouch under things,
but if you stand while still under them you will find yourself going through those objects, if they are part of the hull. A little collision detection before allowing a return to stand should clear that up.

This is the code base I have tested

Also, A hub system would be very, very nice. 
I never understood the point of crouching...

To quote from the text file from that link:

Most of the levels in quake do not have much in the way of waist high obstacles, so use this to hide underwater or behind windows, or, just to look cute.

"Just to look cute"? :)

In all seriousness though, explain to me the merit of being able to crouch.. I don't refute it (yet?).. I just don't see it. 
A point entity that can be placed in either fog or shadowed areas that can fuzz up the monsters perceptions of the presence.

The Q3 Bsp/crouch that takes advantage of the Q3bsp hull method idea can be discarded if it is too radical a departure from Quake 1 norms. 
Edit #21 
player's presence. 
To Me, 
it adds a bit to a player's tactical options, and
can be used to create alternative means of linking areas. Though I would agree with anyone who thinks crouching was used a bit too much in the Half Life addons. 
I don't know if I'm all that keen on Q3 maps in Quake 1. That is.. I'm all for it.. if the q3 map is indistinguishable from a highly detailed Q1 map (: If it *looks* like a Quake3 map... textures rendered in that detailed but plastic and soulless Q3 style... Blegh..

And it's not a matter of departure. Adding things like crouching is cake. But it always seemed to me to be a feature that really only exists for the novelty of it being there (rather than having any decent helpful use).

The only merit I can see is being able to map areas that you have to crouch and creep to get into (ala Q2).. What else is there? 
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