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I've found that adding to the Obscurus thread for Nehahra related stuff is moderately depressing, so with some substantial Nehahra releases in the future, I thought it best to give it its own thread.

This is the place to voice any comments or suggestions on Nehahra, as it is being revamped and the final official episode of the main Nehahra/Quake storyline is in development.

Progress in that department can always be found at:

It would be especially helpful to mention any bugs noticed when trying to play and/or map for Nehahra. Chances are I'm aware of it and have rectified it or intend to do so.

Suggestions for new features are welcome, even though there's already a truckload of those in the game (not to mention a lot of cleaning up -- where possible -- of wonky setups to certain features). Maybe I'll share some that I didn't share on the revamp page on here in the future. For the most part, once the release happens including the Devkit2.txt, a mapper with the intention of making a Nehahra map will have such a broad range of freedom and options that it might well result in them being committed to a local sanitarium.

Speaking of that, if anyone is working on a Nehahra map or episode that I don't know about. Clue me in. You can count on my interest. I know of several already.

The ones that I do not know the current status of are:

(what happened to this?)


(Glassman needs to answer his emails!)

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That is the original 2000 release 
The one that I have is the same as from quadicted.
Spirit rezipped all files, but there is a trah map with the originals, if my memory serves me well. 
The one in the trash is also the 2000 version. It's not like I haven't looked. I'm asking if anyone actually has it. 
This Guy 
He might, he might not. I'd prefer to avoid pestering someone out of the blue, 20 years after the fact. And just because he might have it, doesn't mean I'll get a copy, as the practice seems to show.

It's an option I may have to restort to, though if that's the case I'd probably go bug Spirit some more first.

I was hoping somebody here had it saved. 
what is the difference between the 2000 version and the 2001 version? 
Supposedly, the maps were updated, possibly made to actually use the soundtrack. Who knows though. 
I already have the progs (from here). Thanks though. 
Then you already have the most recent version, I dl it from those old fileplanet links 
The most recent version of the progs, yes. If the maps were updated, then the .pak files should've been as well.
Also, the progs you've linked aren't actually the latest version. 
2001 version is 2000 version with 3 things updated, the engine, the music fix, and the progs.

So I am pretty sure you only need to check the music fix 
I'll allow that it's a possibility (implies Mindcrime claiming to have updated maps while not actually updating any).
Doesn't make sense to replace the whole download though, does it? Not the smallest size for 2001. And the description:

These files replace the entire Nehahra game, I might recommend reinstalling everything from scratch.

Point is, I haven't seen a 2001 It might have the 2000 .pak files in it, but I'd still want to witness it myself. 
I have no memory of us changing the maps after the release of 2000, but Mindcrime probably did some -onlyents hacks to fix various things.
I'll check my archives tonight, but I doubt I have the actual zip anywhere, the new stuff will probably be mixed in with our unreleased work for the final Nehahra episode. 
Did you end up having the time to check for these? No zip is fine too, I'm mostly after the pak files. 
what about converting the unreleased nehahra stuff to AD? better than letting them go to waste. 
I looked but my old Nehahra folders are a huge mess with lots of the new unreleased content, so hard to know if any of that was from some eventual updated files.
Again I don't remember us changing anything to the maps after release, I'm sure mindcrime wouldn't mind confirming that if you poke him on twitter or something though.

yhe1, would be too much work, I rather work on new stuff really. I already distributed the .map files years ago. 
it would be a good idea to place a link to the map files here, they are hard to track down 
There is absolutely 0 point in finishing these scraps from nearly two decades ago.

The 2001 version. Three paks instead of five. Four maps (neh1m1, neh1m2, neh1m3, neh2m1) updated with music and balance/lighting changes. 
There Should Really Be 
A Nehahra 2. That and maybe an overhauled version of the first release that stops using its own exotic code to make it work with more sourceports. Wishful thinking. 
Totally Agree. 
I'm a sad geek who watches Seal of Nehahra every year for Quakes birthday and I play through the game at least once a year. There's something special about Nehahra. It's just got a lot of heart.

I vainly held out hope that Mindcrime would come back, get the old team back together and do a surprise anniversary update.

I'd love to see a properly repackaged overhaul along with a useable SDK (or whatever the Quake modder nomenclature is).

For me, Nehahra is just as important as OG Quake. The expanded lore, the manic bot-like enemies and the flourishes in level design really are super cool. 
A Good Port For Nehahra 
Would be Mark V. Sadly it's not good for any recent maps any more since it hasn't been updated for quite a while. 
if you wonder what mindcrime is upt to last years, he's making audiodrama
and it seems pretty well accepted. 
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