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8 Rune Deathmatch Maps Released
I've released the 8 Rune maps I've made over the past couple of years on my site:

The maps are all fully finished versions, having been all playtested to death for the past couple of years. These are the maps:

Dm-Broken (ruined temple area)
Dm-Circle (several circular walkways floating)
Dm-Court (open snowy courtyard)
Dm-Crystal (interior of a cathedral)
Dm-HelKeep (e1m5-style redstone keep)
Dm-Motte (motte and bailey castle)
Dm-DarkStar (q3-inspired spacemap)
Dm-Furthark3 (open village)

The screenshots look a lot better full size: access those through this page:
good to see some rune levels pop out of nowhere ;) 
how do we play this??? never saw this files type before... 
Rune is a Unrealengine game :D 
They all look cool except for Broken, Circle and Furthark imo. The rest are damn near awesome looking. Darkstar looks especially yummy. Convert all tex to Q1 plz! 

Trinca needs to widen his horizons beyond quake. 
I Got Almost All Games... 
install and then uninstall...

Quake remain forever!!!

Quake4??? bah will be another clone of doom3... release Quake1 again with 24 bits in all maps :p :) 
Preach on brother, preach on.

Quake4 looks like a bag of excrement. Perfectly designed to piss off Quake 1, 2 & 3 fans respectively. ET: Quake Wars, from Splash Damage might be a good multiplayer, and lets hope Raven don't f*ck up Wolfenstein: RTCW2. I will cry otherwise. 
Trinca, Megazoid, go post your offtopic ramblings to GA please.

These look pretty cool Tronym, maybe I'll dig up my rune install somewhere and try them sometime. I like darkstar especially. Good work. 
I Am Not A Fan Of Id's Direction Myself.... 
But please create your own thread for the discussion of these issues.

I like Rune. I feel that it is one of the few original action games of the last half-decade. 
there was no custom SP stuff for rune. I can just imagine Tronyn style horde combat int hat game. 
but would it work? there are no automatic weapons in rune 
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