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Why Not Use Q3 Bsp For Q1 Sp
It's possible to load q3 bsp in darkplaces, and play the normal quake game.
I dont think anyone have used this possibility (zombie had tried, but didnt release afaik)

IMHO its a good way to overcome quake map/compiler limits and bring advanced graphics to q1. And darkplaces is pretty stable and powerfull engine that can be tuned to run pretty fast even on old cards (like GF1)
Why not?
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Some More Precise Problems 
A better list and accompanying screenshots at
check 29..

-monsters drop into brushes?
-teles don't work (fte, acknowledged)
-some teles don't work (dp)
-teletex borked (fte)
-lamps don't work (both) dunno what precise tech problem
-jumppads don't work, player is stuck slowly (both)
-healthboxes don't always render right, sometimes get just luma (fte at least)
-really low fps at times when many monsters (dp at least)
-skybox doesn't work, is shaded (missing texture or tech prob?)

need baseq3 textures or some basic repository (not tech but mapper responsibility, must be organized)
OR id1 etc texes loaded from a wad or something. (since ppl prolly can't distribute id etc texes as jpegs)

Or then just custom texes but that partly defeats the purpose.

It would be nice to do proper tests since now it's a bit hard to know if it's just the dmsp mod that fucks up or the engine. 
The teleporter, jumppads, and other entity problems you listed are not actual problems due to the q3bsp format.

These problems are due to the way the entities are set up for Quake 3, which in most cases differs from their Q1 equivalents. 
i'm ignorant as ever, just trying to get this thing moving a bit...

I still think the only real way is to make a proper q1-entified q3bsp. Then you can say what works and what not. 
Here are .ent files for q3tourney2, ospdm2, & cpm23.
They are 90% done. If you don't have Q3 get the demo which has q3tourney2,q3dm1,7,17. 
Id1 Etc Texes Loaded From A Wad 
My experiments with TGA files -- and I believe someone said earlier in this thread that the Q3 format can use jpg or tga -- indicate that TGA files with an 8 bit (aka 256 color) palette have around the same, if not smaller, file size than PCX files.

In otherwords, a WAD --> LMP --> PCX --> TGA (8 bit, 256 color palette) would be the same filesize with no loss or change in textures. 
Bake: nobrainer. they are still 8 bit bitmaps
bambuz: the white polys are shaders that DP or fte fails to parse, you are not missing the textures (or actually could be either) 
Why Would I Want To Work At Home Where I'd Be All Alone Forever Inste 
ad of going to the office and actually meeting people for a change. Maybe you shouldn't try to be such a fucking antisocial slut! 
First spam in months. The spam menace is growing... adapting... 
I Found 
an interesting post at one spam-ridden board, RetroQuake:

This was posted by a spambot, but a non-malicious one. Follow the links and read about the project. 
Thanks for the link. This seems to be specifically geared towards securing phpbb, though. Some of the general ideas would apply to this board but I'm not willing to give up anonymous posting, which I think is important for encouraging casual visitors to post.

So my tricks area all attempts to foil the bot in ways (almost) invisible to the user, such as IP address checks, javascript, cookies... 
wrong thread ...

It wasn't really a suggestion to secure this board, since it's pretty spam-free. It was more of a consoling feeling that someone's actually trying to put a spotlight on this issue from a spammer's perspective.

The online world seems otherwise to be rapidly drowning in a diarrhea of nonsensical noise ... 
Does Fitzquake Load Q3 BSP's? 
I'm assuming no. 
just darkplaces as far as i know... 
and fte apparently... 
Great Idea! 
Fitzquake should load q3 maps too!
cause darkplaces doesnt support shaders 
It doesn't? Wow, I musta misunderstood all the pretty effects in my maps. 
I think lordhavoc has invented his own shader language. But, I think darkplaces also supports most aspects of q3 shaders... maybe. I can't remember :P 
It interprets many of the q3 shaders, one pass only though, but that's enough to do a bunch of simple yet effective animations. 
Q3 Bsp's Teleports And Jump-pads Work Well 
At least in DPmod's deathmatch 7 mode (similar to dmsp, but much more brutal I think).

If loaded in normal deathmatch mode, the jump-pad will glue your feet and the teleports will port you into void (tested in map q3dm7 of Q3Ademo).

And I tried to edit a ent file for map q3dm1. So far I have succeeded in replacing Q3 weapons with Q1 ones, but have failed to add any monster entity. Any body knows why?

It seems to be a lot of fun editing the ent. I am thinking of transforming normal single bsp maps into something with nehahra or quoth monsters, if replacing or changing monster entity is possible at all. 
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