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Why Not Use Q3 Bsp For Q1 Sp
It's possible to load q3 bsp in darkplaces, and play the normal quake game.
I dont think anyone have used this possibility (zombie had tried, but didnt release afaik)

IMHO its a good way to overcome quake map/compiler limits and bring advanced graphics to q1. And darkplaces is pretty stable and powerfull engine that can be tuned to run pretty fast even on old cards (like GF1)
Why not?
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It seems to be a lot of fun editing the ent. I am thinking of transforming normal single bsp maps into something with nehahra or quoth monsters, if replacing or changing monster entity is possible at all.
Be aware that only few mappers allow something like that in their readme, at least if you plan to spread it (as in non-personal use only). 
If He Is Using An External File 
that overrides the info in the bsp file and not repackaging the bsp for download with the file, we really have no say in it. It would be no more intrusive than if he were to record a demo and post it. It may rely on the bsp in order to function but it in no way intrudes upon that file which is the only material we would have a legitimate claim.

If the mapper did express an opposition to this in his readme, it doesn't really matter. Just like the NFL disclaimer before each broadcast, the mapper is claiming far more in the way of rights than the law actually allows. 
Of Course, 
copyright is rarely a big concern with mod mappers, but more importantly, it is just douchebaggary to put a lot of nonsense in a readme disclaimer. 
so... can I take other`s map and do anything with them? 
Yeah. But it won't win you any popularity awards and most in the community won't even look at your creation if its seen as ripped off.

If its with mapper's permission and / or collaberation thats a different story - I'd love to see someone else's ideas on how my maps should play.

Basicly as a mapper you have very little control over your creation, since it is already inside the various licences of id software. By making it in the first place you're relinquishing many of the standard rights you'd have if you made, for example, a standalone EXE game from scratch where you shoot at bricks.

Occasionally someone does steal someone else's content, and when that happens (and they don't credit the original author / play fair) the review sites won't even touch it, and few players. Although I'm sure I can be contradicted on that. 
so... can I take other`s map and do anything with them?

I guess the answer is it depends. There is some precedent for what Spirit mentioned. On the QuakeWorld site they have posted some incredibly bad re-textures of some mapper's levels. I mean really hideous neon glowing shit that made you wonder what these people had in place of eyes.

However, I just don't see anyone getting all worked up about an .ent file to an already familiar level though everyone's opinion will naturally vary. Personally, I would like to see a reworking of a ton of levels from the 90's with Quoth or Nehahra entities. 
Editing External Ent File 
Well, I made ent files with text editor, and I don't want to change the bsp file permanently.

So I don't actually change the author's work, but adding a removable flavor of my personal preference to it. I guess this infringes no one's copyright.

For example, there is a world famous painting, and some guy comes up with an idea and produces a pair of glasses, with which, you see the painting to be of totally different colors or shapes. 
A circular . . . discussion. There are alot of errors in warp that only need a .ent or three to correct them all. Shamblers facing the wrong way, Vorelings not on the ceiling, Ogres lost without a cause.

I could have rerereleased the pack, but you've got to let it go sometime.

dooomer, if you make an ent file for a map then I bet that most who know that map would want to see it.

And, ultimately, recognition is the one thing thing a mapper will never dislike. 
...Ogres Lost without a Cause.

Coming to a theatre near you soon! 
Ogres in Black

An Ogre Called Wanda

Reservoir Ogres

Olgivre Twist

Uh, Ogre Potter?

Thinking of the Nehahra movie now - "He was my son!" 
Reservoir Stroggs... them all. It was a deathmatch map in one of the two official quake 2 mission packs. 
Beat Me To It 
always liked that name, metl :) 
Recent Q3 Maps Look So Gorgeous 
But not in Darkplaces.

<Spirit> how complete is q3bsp/shaders/whatever support considered in darkplaces? i noticed differences between q3 and dp in some maps, should i report those or are those a given
<divVerent> no multilayer
<divVerent> some two-layer shaders 
apparently q3bsp has no lightstyles, which is dumb, because flickering torches and broken strobing lights add a lot to a map IMO. 
But there's the SP / MP difference to consider. 
The What? Elaborate 
I'm guessing he means that flickering, strobing or pulsing lights are very atmospheric in a SP game, but in a bright, fast MP game like Q3 they are at best unnecessary and at worst annoying :E 
that is true, but when we talk about using q3bsp for q1 SP, the lack of lightstyles is a minus point. 
eep, double post, but:

we did some talking about this internally, and it seems q2bsp would be a better candidate to base a new bsp format for Quake on.

Surface flags, for one.

q2bsp is also technically similar to q1bsp, I hear.

So theoretically, you could take q2bsp and add patches from q3bsp. I think. I'm no expert on these things.

Of course anyone could simply go and map for a newer game, where features like these are a given. If you want Quake monsters and weapons, you can still finish Shambler's Castle and use idtech4. The Doom3 Hell maps (the ROE Hell themed MP maps as well) are more Quakeish than Quake, I think.

Why reinvent the wheel. Maybe Quake is just too old. 
I Wish Quake Could Use The Q3 Bsp 
If it were possible to use the actual bsp part from Q3 with Quake maps that would be incredible. I have both a Q3Arena map and a Quake map in progress and the difference between the two with respect to how the brushes get chopped up is ridiculous. I'm pretty sure the quake map r_speeds would get reduced to 1/3 or less if BSPed like Q3. 
well, from what i understand, isn't this what darkplaces does? it can load a q3bsp map file with q1 progs and such. 
Yeah, I think so. Try Darkplaces or FTE. 
This is a pretty good find Spirit, thanks for the link.

So "no light styles" isn't strictly true. Hmm. 
as dp only has basic shader support, i guess these aren't supported? 
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