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..::LvL CTF Special
A CTF special at ..::LvL - Thanks to the hard work of {BFG20K}, we have an 'all CTF' update today. Many of these maps are well worth grabbing. If you have not played CTF in a while, now is a good chance.

* Chickenteam CTF - Rocky Rampage by Agent Orange (CTF 6-12 player)
* Egypt Team Temple by BerneyBoy (DM/TeamDM/CTF/Team Arena 4-12 player)
* Shielded CTF by skinmaster (CTF 8-16 player)
* Draconian Measures by ninemil (CPMA/CTF 4-12 player)
* Eccentric Entities by {DEMO}LITION (CTF 4-10 player)
* The Bunker CTF Edition by Mr.Lake (CTF 8-16 player)
* Space Station Zappa by =PiT=Leone (CTF 6-10 player)
* Face (map pack) by BerneyBoy (DM, FFA, CTF, Team Arena 2-8 player)

The update is about 2 weeks overdue. I've simply been swamped with work and today was the first chance in a while I've had a few hours of free time.

..::LvL -
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