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Favorite Map Names?
Map Names...are they important or totally irrelevant?

Anyway the real point is to list your favorite map names:

Off the top of my head (of course there are so many) here are some of my favorite (quake 1):

True Love Waits [zer1m6]
Push Underground [czg07b]
Bestial Devestation [Damaul6]
subgud [czg07a]
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I thought "s4wk" and "Penile Devastation" were clever and neat titles. Also, "Shut Up, RPG!" was cool but expected. 
Capital Punishment
Guns And Ammo

Can't think of anything else right now, but there is quite a number of cool map names. 
Titlebitch Cannot Be Empty. 
Last cup of sorrow.

Also, 'A love long lost' which was the map I was working on when I got hired, so it's not finished, and it never will be either. 
"licking the third rail"
"when I'm God, everyone dies"

..both recent pushplay Cube SP speedmaps and both titles cracked me up. Good maps, damn tight health supplies backing up the titles though. 
Horror Erotique
Beyond Belief
Numb Nimbus
Another Perfect Day
Gay Weather Balloon
Naked Cows on Stage
My Parents Don't Like You
Cadaver Carnival
The Cassandra Calamity
Suicide Staccato
etc etc etc... 
Spongebath Of Satan 

The Soul Grinder
Liquid Despair
Hell in a Can
Star Scream
The Grisly Grotto
Moebius Trip
Shadow over Innsmouth 
I Can't Believe You Haven't Mentioned... 
Let's Drink Beer and Shoot Things

(and thanks spentron :) 
"Load of useless bloody loonies" 
The Final Threat
Dreams Made Flesh
Your Last Cup of Sorrow
Momento Mori
Powder Keg 
I'd Say 

Short'n moody! 
And Also.. 
it really is a good thing to have a name that peaople can remember when sitting there playing and going: hmm, map efzcgbaldm3... no killdazdm4 fuck.. map start.
Not taking any thing away from these poetic names mentioned.. 
Use & Abuse 
The final threat? 
I H8 Titles 
short and catchy, like Zed or Rage 
I Like 
Moebius Trip
because it's SO cool!
And if our host meltslime hadn't gone off and cancelled it I guess Megaton would have been my favourite name.
Also Zed and Hyperalgeise are tres brilliant. 
And Also 
as of less than a minute ago, The Satan Complex is totally awesome! 
Wasn't Apsp1..... 
Wasn't apsp1 titled the final threat? Or is my brain malfunctioning again?

yeah it is, sorry my bad. Still, isnt that a pretty standard name? 
is not cancelled, it's just indefinitely waiting on other projects to be finished.

It's too cool to cancel.

I hope.

Fuck, i have such a backlog of levels to finish. 
I Guess It Is Fairly Standard... 
But the map is above and beyond standard....perhaps that is what called the name to mind. 
No, No, No 
i know what all lads have. and that is

concrete dreams (marsbars, sex, money, power, cars, more horsepower, chicks, ladies, women, oh, did i mention bad girls?)

ok, its quake 2 so take my heart out with a spoon...

credit to romero for ziggurat vertigo. i like that. 
I'm sorry. What? 
Illegal Substance Based Postings 
thats nice to see 
Credit To Romero For Ziggurat Vertigo? 
Excuse me? That author would be the inimitable American McGee, not Romero. 
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