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Favorite Map Names?
Map Names...are they important or totally irrelevant?

Anyway the real point is to list your favorite map names:

Off the top of my head (of course there are so many) here are some of my favorite (quake 1):

True Love Waits [zer1m6]
Push Underground [czg07b]
Bestial Devestation [Damaul6]
subgud [czg07a]
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I can't take the credit for the name Bestial Devastation. I think it was the name of Sepultura's first ever album. 
sorry, for accreting vertigo to romero. i thought he had the idea. i'm wrong.

wrath. what does your question concern? 
My question is 'what are you talking about'.

I can't parse your posts, I just can't. They're incoherent. 
I understand you, wrath. 
Vondur, Or Anyone Else For That Matter 
Do you know where I can get that map "Suicide Staccato"? And what is its zip name/short name, what ever you call it? And who is the author?

LoL @ Wrath (#28) 
Sorry For Incoherent Posts. Bare With Me... 
Pka6.bsp (for q3. where you lookin for q1?) (q1) 
No, I must have the wrong map/name, I have all the mexx maps. The name reminded me of some map I remembered, that I had never been able to find/download. It was a DM map, using Q3 textures, around the time of Quake 3's release. I only ever seen screen shots of it, and the few links that I found way back then were all dead. It may not have ever been released, but it sure looked good. And know it seems I can't even recall it's name, oh well, lost forever. Thanks anyway 
I can't parse your posts, I just can't. They're incoherent.

ok, good. it's not just me. 
I thought "Dismembered Crates" dis_cr8z.bsp was pretty good. 
I heard the map name
"kislorjavopolis" (!)

Does anyone know what it may mean? 
kislo means sour in russian
polis means city in greek (or laitn ?) 
Sour Coffee City 
Kinky Afro 
I'm Not Sure... 
"Elsinore" ? 
Ziggurat Vertigo 
Holy Thread Resurrection Batman! 
Gay Weather Baloon 
remind me never to ask you to name anything, ever. :P 
eventually, every old topic from qmap will be reborn here. 
Favorite Name 
This Feels Lurid 
The Abandoned Base 
Favore Map Name 
My favorite map name is:

Gay Weather Balloon 
Oh come on, the name is genius! I cant remember the author but its a q1dm, nice map too :) 
That Would Be Naked6 
By Ghandi. 
Naked Cows On Stage 
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