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Mapping Help
This is the place to ask about mapping problems, techniques, and bug fixing, and pretty much anything else you want to do in the level editor.

For questions about coding, check out the Coding Help thread:
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Wonder of all wonders... it was so simple and I didn't think of it..

Putting toetag in quake/id1/maps actually makes it work..

Ha. thanks again everyone :D 
Ah - Sorry - I Assumed You Were Using Windows 
Help, I Need Somebody; Help, Not Just Anybody... 
When I was youger so much younger than today, I never needed anybody's help in anyway. But now those days are gone, I'm not so self assured so I need someone to look over my map and play test it for me.

But there's a bit of a barrier: I will not change anything - not game-play, textures, lighting, music; not nuffink nohow. I just want to know if it works, can be played, and doesn't get broken during play.

I really just want confirmation that it is good enough to release to the ever eager public (all 29 of you), or not as the case may be. A kind of second opinion because it most definitely is not as I originally intended.

Anyone up for that? Just one? It's a big file... 
Post Screenshots 
and upload the file somewhere, you will usually receive critique in no time... 
He Knows 
This is for a pre-release final bug check thrash of the map, so he doesn't want it to be public. 

Oh I'm sure it's something like that. It's a bug I actually fixed in what was going to be the next version of ToeTag before my Mac died and I haven't gotten back to it ... maybe one day. :P 
Competition is good for business ;-) 
Thanks for offering; send me your contact details: boss 'at' mikewoodham 'dot' com

I will be airborne for some time so I will not reply immediately. 
I think there's like 31 people who play now, thanks to TrenchBroom. 
Yeah, it looks good - if I was still mapping I might have given it a try, although I have absolutely no issues with BspEditor.

I wonder how many people really do still play Quake SP maps? 
Normally you'd have it tested BEFORE running the long fullvis..... 
"I wonder how many people really do still play Quake SP maps?"

At least the people here ^^ 
Only The Lonely, Know The Way I Feel Tonight 
Ooops, excluding the times that I have play-tested my own map, I haven't played Quake for years. 
They're Coming To Take Me Away Ha Ha, They're Coming To Take Me Away 
So I'm just packaging the map for OneTruePurple to play test for me and have a quick look at the darker areas of the map and holy smoke, there's coloured banding all over the dark corners - there'a lot of dak corners as it's a 'cavern' map.

I've only seen these areas after quick Light and quick Vis and they have never shown up with this banding before. I thought running the Utils full-on was supposed to improve the quality?

I used my i7 laptop Nvidia with latest drivers, and my Pent4 with ATI, and they both show the same soddin' thing. What gives? (rhetorical question, I just need therapy) 
Ying Tong Ying Tong Ying Tong Ying Tong Ying Tong Yiddle Eye Po!!! 
How Many Roads Must A Man Walk Down 
No, I really am cracking up. Four years ago I used the same computer, same video drivers, same utils, same settings, and the same map file (FMB_bdg). The FullLight/FullVis I did then produced a perfectly acceptable dark-corners map with no banding - I have the original bsp output file, I've checked it.

Now, the only thing I have added since then is the Skip util; I didn't use the Skip texture in the map but it runs automatically as part of the batch file for a FullVis.

Can anyone shed some light on this (not too much in the dark corners though)?

What seems quite rediculous is that I can run a quick Light/Vis and there is no banding. As there's also no grey-flash or snagging etc, should I just release it not fully Vis'd.

Is that heresy? 
But you should be able to run light independently of vis anyway - removing the banding by having the x4 or whatever turned off.

So you shouldn't need to re-run vis to regenerate the light map. I think. 
Yeah Mike 
Just re-do light. 
What's this about banding - care to post a screenshot?

Btw, if you still have the original .prt and .vis files, you can fix certain things that require a QBSP recompile (texture errors to a certain degree, bmodel positions) and simply insert the fullvis information on the fly. 
Every Picture Tells A Story Don't It 
First, this is a cavern with sculpted walls and fog.

The first picture shows -fast Light and Vis, the second with the banding, was -level 4 Light and FullVis. 
That Looks Like... 
your video card is set to 16bit rather than 32bit!

Weird, did you change the video settings? 
that has nothing to do with lightmaps 
Ten Green Bottles Hanging On The Wall 
No, both of those shots were taken today on the same laptop computer within a couple of minutes of each other; not more than 40 minutes ago.

The card in the laptop is definitely set to 32 bit. 
Get OTP 
To benchmark? 
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