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Mapping Help
This is the place to ask about mapping problems, techniques, and bug fixing, and pretty much anything else you want to do in the level editor.

For questions about coding, check out the Coding Help thread:
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Does anyone have this? I need it because Hammer doesn't accept comandline parameters for compiling.

The problem is that latest one asks me to install NET. framework 4.0, which i cannot install. As far as i know, v1.0 and v1.1 only ask for net. framework 2.0, which i have. Does any of you have any of this older versions? 
Yes It Does 
There's a small window in the compile dialog where you can type in every version of Hammer/WC.

Or you can just write a batfile. 
* Ijed, the problem isn't to input the comands, is that Hammer/WC don't use them when you input them, at least those like -extra4 or -gate, for example, but uses them if they are -windowed -game xxx or -width xxx -height xxx or something similar.

A bat file can be a solution, i know how to make them, but what comands do i need to write into them? Just execute nomapversion.exe, light.exe, qbsp.exe, vis.exe in order one by one and relate them to an origin (.map) and a destination (.bsp, .pts, .lit)?

* FifthElephant, i have that one already, but thanks anyway. That is the version i was talking about that i can't use, i need one OLDER. 
Could Try Pm Necros Instead? 
maybe he has an older version on hand? 
Here's one:

Just edit it and replace with your map name and add/remove whatever other controls you need like -extra4 etc. 

no guarantee if it works or not. probably lots of bugs too. :\

how come you can't install .net 4? 
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