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Mapping Help
This is the place to ask about mapping problems, techniques, and bug fixing, and pretty much anything else you want to do in the level editor.

For questions about coding, check out the Coding Help thread:
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I was soooo confused by landscape until TrenchBroom and its Vertex Manipulation came along.

Everything clicked after that. 
@Bloughsburgh, thanks for link.

@topher, thanks for note about tyrutils-ericw. Yes, I use this compilers.

@mukor, now i trying use Trencchbroom2 for create simple structure, but while it turns out badly :( This editor is very hardly for me. 
Wanna Try J.A.C.K Editor? 
Enemy Combos? 
I've been creating MP maps for a long time but SP is a new world for me and I do enjoy it. Wondering what enemy combos work more effectively and which ones don't work for other mappers? I have the tendency to combine a bunch of monster types but I'm not always happy with the results. Especially after seeing demos of my retrojam map.

Infighting is cool but I think it gets in the way of gameplay a lot so I need to keep learning about monsters placement and combos. Any input is appreciated. 
I used J.A.C.K in past year. This good replace for classic WorldCraft1.6 and GtkRadiant 1.5. 
The basic idea in creating worthwhile battles with multiple enemies is mixing enemies of different attack types. ie projectile and melee or land and flying enemies.

sorry for being so brief, im on my way out the door. just wanted to get something out there in case conversation picks up in my absence. 
In AD mod at least you can check "noinfighting", that is something I am going to use also. 
I was unaware of that. Nice. I haven't even gotten to 1.5 yet. :( 
But since it changes a lot of things, it has to be introduced to player somehow. Only way might be letting player to make mistake in a non-dangerous situation, if not using text messages and stating that fact directly to the player that something is changed and the experience might be different. 
Pushing My +3Buttons 
Dumb question but my mind is fried.

What would be the reason when I push a button the texture doesn't switch to its off texture?

These are just the standard quake symbol textures I've used plenty of times before with no issue. The same thing is happening with shoot buttons as well. I thought maybe it was the .wad but it is happening for any +# textures for buttons.

Including It 
Are you including the +abutton frame in your map anywhere? Some compilers don't automatically include the animation textures, try applying that frame to a hidden face on a brush and recompile, then see if it works that time. 
I thought all the modern compilers fixed that problem, but yeah that could be it. I used to always include every texture in the sequence of any animated textures on a random brush somewhere, just in case. 

Why does my double door start open when the level starts...but then closes after it's designated wait time. It then acts like a normal door from then on out.

Trying "Don't Link" causes the doors to not open at all. They do not have a targetname and are set to just be normal doors.

"Start Open" is not checked.

Da hell. 
And Answer 
Ugh, hate when I figure something out after finally submitting to asking.

Apparently doors want to try to open themselves for one time at the start of a level if there is a func_button nearby? What's the explanation for this occurrence? Solved but moving the button a few units away...but the button was already about 16 from the side of the door.

Is there a trick to making this work? 
Ahem.. this is a bad solution but, try giving all of them targetname, that way I fixed problems on my rj6 map. (I guess warnings about not using targetname, isn't critical?) 
I think you have something else going on to cause your doors to act like that.

I have a "" that I try things out in when someone posts a problem like this. I couldn't duplicate it :(

I created a brush, then shift drag/copied it right next to itself, set each one separately as a func_door setting their open directions to opposite each other. Didn't do anything else to them.

Then I created a func_button and no matter where I placed it, my doors didn't open on map start. I even had the button inside the doors!

I'd say spend a few minutes creating a test map and see 
Ugh, Meant To Hit Preview 
I guess my above post is finished enough even though I accidentally hit submit instead of preview :(

Anyway, sorry couldn't help more. 
No Idea 
Yeah I have no clue, but the only thing I do know is that moving the button to another place in the room away from the door resolved the issue.

Thanks for trying to test stuff out! :) 
I even had the button inside the doors!
I didn't know that was possible! Did it work fine? It's giving me an idea for doors in base/tech environments. 
Only Quoth (afaik) has a special func_button variant that can be attached to a door: 
I just made a small hole in the door, I mean once the door opened, you could look into the frame of the door into a hole where the button sat. 
don't kill, the light, just turn it off by targetting it. 
okay, disregard that, i was replying to a question 700 posts ago. 
Better Late Than Never! 
Thanks Eric! 
That's aweso... oh, Quoth. Damn. 
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