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Mapping Help
This is the place to ask about mapping problems, techniques, and bug fixing, and pretty much anything else you want to do in the level editor.

For questions about coding, check out the Coding Help thread:
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Multiple Collisions 
The fiend deals damage in every every frame to each entity that it collides with, until it is resting on the ground. In a normal sideways leap the first collision stops the fiend's horizontal movement, so it doesn't collide with you on the second frame because it's not moving towards you.

Two things go wrong when the fiend attacks from above. Firstly, landing on a player doesn't count as resting on the ground for the fiend, so the attack animation continues after it hits you. Secondly, although the first collision cancelled its vertical motion, gravity accelerates it down again next frame, so you get repeated collisions. It isn't doing any more damage than normal per collision, it's just multiple collisions that stack to create near-instant death.

In Quoth there's a crude fix to this problem - leaping monsters can only inflict damage once per leap. If you're mapping for the vanilla jam then there's no workaround other than making sure the fiend can't attack from that far above. 
What A Fiend 
Thanks Preach, that about explains every facet of the fiend dilemma I could be having. I moved the fiend back a bit and his jump hasn't one-shot me in about 10 tests (Since you are now more or less horizontal with the bastard at the time.) I may leave it this way or just slap an ogre down instead. 
It Does Not Resolve THE Real Question... 
.. do Fiends have eyes ? 
No, but before you gib, you do have about 1/100th of a second to look up and possibly resolve the age-old question of "do fiends have willies?" 
To both eyes and willits. 
Fiends Have Tim Willits? 
Poor guy... 
There's No Love For Willits 
not even in the doomworld forums. How much of the id old guard remains anyway? cloud, willits... is that it? I suppose stratton should be counted too. 
How do you remove wind ambient sound in vanilla Quake? 
add -noambientsky to the vis command line 
Thank You~ 
How Do I Compile Maps In Trenchbroom Mac OS X 
Help me! i have no clue O_o

i've been compiling maps in console with windows, and now im tired of rebooting my computer everytime i want to map.

i need a total beginners guide, step by step. 
Did You Read The Manual? 
it didnt help me, its alot easier on windows to create a .bat file :/

please, i need help 
Have you tried using Automator to generate simple batch file? 
Nope, Whats That? 
please tell me more. 
What About The Builtin Compilation Support 
in TB2? Shouldn't that do what you want? 
I Dont Understand 
Look For The Section In The Manual 
TB2 can launch your compilers for you, so you don't need to create a batch file or shell script. You have to set it up though, it's under Run > Compile in the menu. 
The pathing was all screwed up, the automatic system didnt work for some reason, and I had to rename all the parameters in the runtools.

Thank you Khreathor for helping me! :) 
You're welcome :)

We figured it out through TB2, as you suggested. 
How To Make Landscape For Quake Map? 
In modern level editors (e.g J.A.C.K. or TrenchBroom v2). 
If you mean things like rock walls and bumpy ground then this is a great guide:

You can use the same tutorial for ground terrain, just make it less pronounced. 
and with tyrutils-ericw light.exe you have phong too!
it really helps like sock says 
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