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Mapping Help
This is the place to ask about mapping problems, techniques, and bug fixing, and pretty much anything else you want to do in the level editor.

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DP Alpha 
Does DarkPlaces not support { alpha textures?

I am using vines from ad_start.wad and it works fine in every engine but DP...I get the pink texture along with the vines instead. 
Scratch That 
Uses the latest autobuild and the vines work fine so that's great.

But there is a kicker. Does DP support the alpha key on func entities?

Looks like my func_illusionaries are using alpha 1 even though set to .65.

Blah, as long as the vines work that's cool with me. 
Post #18000, nice.

Also, I'd be very surprised if DP didn't support brush entity alpha. Perhaps it was broken in the most recent autobuild or something? I wouldn't know, I don't use the engine. 
.alpha Requires Progs Support In DP; Doesn't In FitzQuake + Company 
DarkPlaces supports .alpha, but it must be a field in the progs.dat

Since id1 doesn't have an .alpha field in the progs, stock id1 in DarkPlaces won't support .alpha but Quoth or Arcane Dimensions would since they have a .alpha field in the progs.

FitzQuake automatically "inserts an .alpha field into the progs at load time" if protocol 666 is being used, so the progs doesn't matter. 
.alpha is a fully transparent entity, like a translucent glass window.

Entirely different from alpha masking "{", which current DarkPlaces autobuild does support. Using "{" will simply "just work" all the time in any supporting engine. 
Ummm... Alpha 1 
Works in my DP's with stock id1, I just tested it. You use "alpha" btw, not ".alpha".

Also, I know in Gotshun's Jump map we used "alpha"(for translucent windows) and { (for the alpha masked frame) together for the windows and it was stock progs. Worked fine.

Just relaying my experiences. 
Just a box map with a player start, 2 lights and a func_wall with an alpha key set to .6

Note that, I only got this effect with func_wall's, illusionaries and detail was no bueno.

DP build is in the console, but I'm pretty sure this has worked for years for me. 
Thanks Baker that pretty much explains the current situation. The { work fine I just needed a newer build but the alpha key does not...and it also explains why Quoth and AD work but not id1.

damage_inc: Ah there we have issue is happening with func_illusionaries...I actually do not have any func walls using alpha. Thanks for testing! 
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