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Mapping Help
This is the place to ask about mapping problems, techniques, and bug fixing, and pretty much anything else you want to do in the level editor.

For questions about coding, check out the Coding Help thread:
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No limitation at all, it just changes how light.exe calculates the lightmaps, it's totally reverse-compatible with original Quake and doesn't change performance or anything. 
Will make everything look like playdough if applied to all over though. You need to pick and choose. 
Good to know. As I like to make extremely detailed maps with lots of brushes. :) 
Extrude From Face.. 
Hello, does someone know how to extrude from face in NetRadiant? 
Infinite Loop Avoided - Not Loading Map 
Hello Everyone!
Thank you for all posting amazing and helpful info on here. I am new to the world of mapping and have been using trenchbroom to create a map. I was trying to clean things up a bit for distribution of my map when I suddenly started to get an error in game while trying to load the map. It says "Couldn't Load [map_path/map_name] Infinite loop avoided". I'm not sure what started this error. I had just been retexturing a few surfaces as well as trying to compile the map on the default setting. I have tried to undo some of my retexturing - without any change. I have run a quick compile several times and still cannot get it to work. It is currently compiling with default settings using Q2BeaVeR. Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

On a separate note, I was having an issue with func_wall and func_train brushes not displaying when in open (not in a building) parts of the map. Any thoughts on this are also appreciated.
Map Issues? 
How bad are the following issues?:

-Brush has non-integer plane points
-Brush has non-integer vertices

I get these all the time when creating more complex
shapes etc.

When should one care of these errors?

THX in advance! :) 
TrenchBroom Not Loading After Computer Restart. 
was able to follow dumptruck_ds tutorial on youtube and create a simple square map, was able to edit, compile, and play the map, no leaks or errors. Then i turn my computer on today and load up TrenchBroom and when i load my map, to goes into fullscreen and its a pure white screen and its (Not Responding).
it wont even load a new blank map.

Windows 10 64bit
Strix GL504GW
GeForce RTX 2070

Version 2020.2
Build v2020.2 Release Win64
Qt 5.12.9

Using quakespasm-spiked-win64.exe as loader 
Where Are The Resources? 
Hi everyone, I'm learning TB, trying to follow the in-app introduction, to get used to the UI. I'm liking it so far, but I hit a stubling block. I can't get TB to point to the mods, entities and textures. Rather, I can't FIND the resources. I'm trying to create Enemy Territory and/or Urban Terror maps on a Linux Mint machine (64 bit). I can't find any FGD, DEF or ENT files, no textures, no mods, nothing. I've looked in and pointed to every directory I can think of, but TB just won't load any resources. Any help or tips would be appreciated. Thanks. 
Re: Where Are The Resources? 
I stumbled around and was able to find some of the resources I needed for now. (I'm sure I'll have mmore questions in the weeks to come.) 
You can have thousands of those and still compile without any errors.
But building on grid is cleaner, so try to do all your non-integer stuff in func_details or _walls, while keeping the sealing geometry simple. 
Thanks! :) 
Need Help With Platform And Triggers 
Howdy strangers,
I'm trying to set up the following (I use Trenchbroom, target is fairly vanilla Quake map, no mods needed):
I want a platform to wait at the, lets call it, bottom floor. The player is at a higher elevation, lets say second floor.
Then, once you kill a certain monster (targets the func_plat) up there on the second floor, it triggers that platform on the bottom floor to go up to the second floor. On the platform, one monsters stands and rides along with the platform. Once you kill this monster you are able to trigger the platform to go down to the bottom floor again.
How do I set this up.
I thought I'd do it with a simple func_plat, 2 path corners, have that func_plat wait at the bottom, then move it up but I just cant make it happen the way I described.
Any hints, tips would be appreciated. Thanx 
I think if you make it a door, set it to toggle, and both monster's deaths target that door's targetname. This assumes you must kill the monsters in a specific order. 
Reminder that func_plat and func_door do not use path corners. Take a look at part 3 of my entity tutorials for more info on toggling doors and using func_doors for plats. 
"sv_startsound: Not Precacheed" 
I followed this guide by Preach on forcing the player's weapons out of their inventory:
and it works, it's just that upon hitting the door made to remove everything, that message appears in the top left corner and the console. I really don't want it there. What do I do? 
And just for clarification, I also implemented the extra info_notnull that forces blank lines in the console, getting rid of the message, but I'd rather know and deal with what's causing the sv_startsound error. 
Sv_startsounds is a commen error when modding for quake. It are the first lines in the weapons.qc that precache sounds under void()W_Precache. They are used for the weapon sounds.

If you realy hate it, find the used sound and precache it right. 
^Sheeet, that's a hair over my head for now considering I've already bandaged it. I'll deal with it later, thanks for letting me know what was up nonetheless. 
Add noise1, noise2, noise3 & noise4 fields and set them all to "misc/null.wav" 
Fuckin' Ay 
^Thanks, nameless hero. 
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