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Mapping Help
This is the place to ask about mapping problems, techniques, and bug fixing, and pretty much anything else you want to do in the level editor.

For questions about coding, check out the Coding Help thread:
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Ah What The Hell... 
I'll send you the textures tomorrow. 
i'm guessing that your black sky texture is not 256x128. All sky textures must be that size. As for the white, there is only one white in the quake palette, and it is fullbright. Your best choice is palette index 15 (RGB 235, 235, 235) which is a very light grey and not fullbright.

You should also check out my quake texture faq: 
God I love this place already. GROUP HUG!

(with a rocket launcher) 
is there a site that has all the limits for glquake, dos/winquake? (like, maximum faces, etc...)

also, how many brushes can treebsp.exe handle? 
Aww Crap... 
i just got this error whilst compiling my map...

it's the txqbsp that was modified by aguire...
Reached the Limit MAX_MAP_CLIPNODES (32768), cannot continue...

(there was a leak in the map)

my question: will fixing this leak reduce these clipnodes, or am i still screwed even if i find the leak? or... is there a way to increase the limit or will quake pack up and leave? 
i believe that a sealed map will have fewer clipnodes. I'm not totally sure about that, and i'm too tired to actually root through the qbsp source to verify. But sealing your maps is always a good thing, so you might as well do it :) 
Seal It 
A sealed map will have _far_ less clipnodes. Clipnodes are basically just places that you can walk. If you can walk outside the map, then there's a huge number of clipnodes out there. 
You Could Try 
adding the option "-fill" to Tree/TxQBSP. This will force fill hulls 1/2 (the clipping hulls) even if they leak, thus significantly reducing the total # clipnodes generated.

When loading the map in GLQuake, the player and probably most other entities are stuck so you have to use noclip to move around and find the leak after loading the pointfile. See the readme for details.

AFAIK, the MAX_MAP_CLIPNODES limit cannot be increased (the bsp format doesn't allow this). 
Compiler Limits 
can be found in the header (*.h) files of the source code.

Max # of brushes is 65536 in TxQBSP and practically limitless in TreeQBSP. I've never seen a map that exceeds these brush limits.

Also, since the compiler transforms the brushes into planes (among other things), the engine will never see any brushes at all. 
What Should I Do With This? O_____o 
Quake 1 Palette 
does anyone have a photoshop .act of the quake 1 palette? thinkin of makin some textures, im at least good at that 
That map would make a good dm arena, or a good battle mech arena if it's made the right size.

Just make sure you close it up first. :) 
Battle Mech.... 
im not interested in that mod o.0
not sure what ill do with it, i got real pissed off.. nothing but good work is coming from me now

quake with and w/o fullbrights, q2 and hexen photoshop palettes 
the .lin files are pointfiles in quake3 right? if i take a .pts file (from q1) and change the extension, i should be able to see the point file in gtkr, right? 
If you run a compile from inside Radiant then it'll highlight the leak in editor (useful if your batch compile process comes up with one). 
i was doing that.

except, the q3 compiler seems to be more tolerant to leaks or the q1 compiler was picking up ones that aren't considered leaks in q3. (q3 has the super complex geometry, which sometimes kills q1 compilers)

so yeah. it works. 
Other editors can also load leak files and display where leakage goes (not as good as gtk tho) 
Message Breaks 
I know there's a way in worldcraft to put in a line break in Messages i.e. in trigger_multiple - but what is it? 
If I Had To Guess 
It would be \n. 
that, didnt work 
Yes, But Is It REAL Goat Jizm? 
Try using this:

Missing Items.. 
How do I remedy missing ammo/weapons/items in maps? For instance I have some ammo beneath spotlights and some don't show. I could reposition, but I like them under the spotlights...

using Worldcraft 
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