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Speed Map Session #110
Drew, Neg!ke, Generic and HeadThump each offer a map for this week's event.

The theme of the week was Big with Drew offering a Huge partition of mappage. The skyline in Drew's level is something to be seen, as well as a map that gives us steller game play.
Neg!ke extends his story telling style with a tale of a lonesome Goddess. Also, he show cases yet another original design style using nothing more than Id's Quake textures.
Generic gives us a majestic glimpse of a castle of sandy stone. Amidst the pitched battles with the minions of Quake, a decorative fountain may be your only relief.
Headthump attempts to hold his own among this talented gathering with a humble but fiendish offering of his own.

A very nice set, crewmates, thanks for all the fun!

Also available for download are a pair of maps from the lost episode, sm108, by Bambuz and Neg!ke.!
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the text file was meant to be included in the pack, by the way... but never mind.

for the next pack: no subfolders in the zip, please! 
I always see alot of criticism coming from you. Deal with it. 
I don't really put the time into making proper maps. Things just stop being fun, and I can't hold my commitment. I don't think any bonus items fell out. I just make it harder than I really should so its fun for me to play.
Bambuz. sorry if I came off dickish on post 27. I just finished reading your Quoth comments and was amazed at how unimpressed you seemed. 
for the next pack: no subfolders in the zip, please!

That sounds quite senseable to me. Sorry, that I overlooked the text file, I'll be more careful in the future. 
Back on topic, about the gameplay, I just find it grinding - these speedmaps are often quick blasts of fun (or quick blasts of crap), and yours was long winded - the early areas were dodge, circle, dodge, circle, etc etc x 100, just was long for small areas. Got better later on. Also the armour was bollox, 150 then 200 right next to each other, twice. Spread the armour and extend the start so it's not so rammed, would have been better.

You should do longer maps. This is good design by any standards. 
Though I Think 
drew's long speedmaps have had pretty good balance in terms of hardness, I've died a couple of times but not like a dozen. 
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