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Games VS Other Media.
Probably quite an appropriate topic given how most people here are tending towards other media recently =).

So, how do you feel games (PC or console I suppose, SIGH) compare to and stand up to other media?? Do you feel they are progressing well?? Are they getting the respect they deserve, if any?? Looking at games around, do you feel proud to be a gamer?? Do you think the future is brighter or dimmer for other games compared to other media??

(By other media I guess I include films, tv, magazines, books, comics, music....)

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Hard to compare - I look for different things in each:

Games = fun/competition.
Books = thinking.
Coding = building.
Films/tv/music = relaxing. 
Proud To Be A Gamer? 
Yes indeedy !!
Although at my age (40 next Feb) most people I know personally aren't into it.(I guess I just missed out on real life) I find it amussing, how when you say you are into PC/Video games, people think of card games or space invaders and the like. But anynway...................

I'm not into movies, or what I like to call "passive" entertainment, I'd rather be "in" the movie, and this is what Games alows me to do, be involved/active/participate in what you are, essentially, watching.

Books, well, I have never liked reading, and can honestly say that I have never read a book, outside of what was require by school, and most of them I never read. Unless you class game/equipment manuals as books :(

I like music, but funny thing is, one of the first things I do when stting up a game is to turn off the music, I never listen to it. I think the last/first game soundtrack I listened to was for the original Need For Speed on PSX. Actually playing music, as in guitar etc, is much better than listening to it, but, nowdays I just tend to play games more than anything else.

So for me, Gaming more than holds it's own against other stuff, it's head and shoulders above the rest IMO, in pure entertainment/fun value. And with what they can do, and will be able to do in the future, well, Things will only get better,........I can't wait 
Good Answer Abyss =) 
As regards films at least. 
Anyone Else?? 
Blah Blah 
As games increase in their ability to convey actual stories instead of increase their amount of fun, more and more people will be interested in them and they will become more popular (see Half-Life). However, this is naturally contradictory to games; games are meant to be a game, and not a story. Anything that does not further the actual game is merely part of the periphery and should be regarded as such. Of course, this isn't the current trend so the popularity of so-called games are soaring while the quality seems to be dipping (at least in the FPS genre).

So I think the future for games looks a bit dim at the moment, but hopefully designers will come around and we'll see a resurgence of actual games instead of playable movies. That's my take on games and their place in media. 
An Addendum 
[...] hopefully designers will come around and we'll see a resurgence of actual games instead of playable movies.

Actually, we are seeing a resurgence of actual games. People such as Digital Eel and Monkeystone have sort of gone back to the basics and are making games instead of movie simulators.

Digital Eel (with notable contributor Iikka Keranen) even has a new game out 
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