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Archival Devastation / Underworld
Maybe someone knows if is going to come back up at some time or if the files are "lost" vs. just "unavailable easily".

If isn't coming back up, it would be nice if someway or somehow the maps reviewed at the Underworld Fan site (SM82, SM40, etc.) ...

... found a home somewhere permanentish like PlanetQuake or in the Quaddicted archive or elsewhere as long as it's a trustworthy place that doesn't have a half-life before it blinks out of existence.

Meanwhile, it seems like starting a Quake project, as always, is a lot easier than finishing one. Here is something a made that is about 2/3 complete ...

I don't know when I'll have time to complete it but one feature of it is that I took most of the information on mapping and organized it as best I could (it's the 2nd tab).
SM40 & SM82 
I have all of those files, along with a backup of my site. If you really need them, just ask. 
Me Awaits Angree Sham 
is just on vacation 
Thanks. I think I have most of what I wanted (SM82 for instance). I noticed about 15 of the reviewed maps on the Underworld site have as the sole source.

More of a general concern about the unavailable maps that have been reviewed for anyone reading those reviews. That plus lost resources (WAD collection, CZG's def file). 
Old Speedmap Site 
Dont Worry 
i will go thru my links and host the files via fileplanet at some point. 
Someone Please 
Post a link to the spawnpoint/~speedq1/files for these people.
I don't remember the IP address myself here, but I'm sure someone in #TF does. (I've got it stored on my laptop tho, but got no net access from that yet...) 
Oh And... 
Whoever was in charge of uploading the speedmaps there still could if he wanted to, spawnpoint ftp is still accessible if you have the right ip. 
Shall I mirror all the speedmaps at Quaddicted? And shall they be in the File Archive (=chance for screenies and description/review) or just in a folder? 
The More Places The Merrier, I Reckon 
I could host them too, probably (have plenty of space, and it's not going to be a major bandwidth load, is it?), but I don't have the energy to make an actual site out of it... 
I think it would be better all in a folder. It would take an eternity to review all the speed maps, wouldn't. 
a folder would suffice. but it would also be nice to have some kind of list telling about the theme of each pack then. 
Accessible first, perfect second :) 
I'll just get all the files and place them in the File Archive then. They will have no description as long as someone writes one (you need an account upgrade for that, ask me) just as 99% of the current files there ;) 
Someone emailed me and i have updated links to sm82 and chapters to fileplanet. 
You are welcome to link to the files in my File Archive of course :)
If there is a file missing, then you can upload. If you want editor's access to all the files (maybe you would help me with a few descriptions/minireviews?) just tell me.

I'd prefer the "long" links because they give my statistics, eg:,com_docman/task,doc_details/gid,887/Itemid,52/
You could also direct link like:,com_docman/task,doc_download/gid,887/Itemid,52/
Or direct links like:
(Just randomly picked that map)

I can't think of anything that is as annoying as Fileplanetlinks in the Quake scene, seriously

(Please everyone, tell me if I do too much pimping! Don't want to get on your nerves.) 
it's ok for me. 
i wouldn't mind adding some descriptions - it's a good excuse for checking out some of the older maps everytime i'm bored or need to neglect important duties.. ;)
i created an account, if you upgrade it i could start right away. 
I hope I did everything right. Tell me if it's not working. (I will make an test account for myself tomorrow, now is sleeptime) Feel free to move really bad maps into the Crap category. I still need to think about more categories...

Thanks for your support! 
I forgot... Please use this as example:
(screenshot? map_ZIPNAME as filename please)
Written by Spirit:<br />
here goes your description<br /><br />
Info: 666KB, (single .bsp or Mod, if Mod then try to include the .bsp names afterwards)
Screenshots are welcome but not necessary, you can use the "Upload Image" link, it will give you HTML code to copy&paste.

Search for "Spirit" in the "description" to see some example posts by myself.

^ That would be perfect, but anything is better than nothing ;) 
the test message for special members appears on the news page, however modifying file details in the archive doesn't seem to work. all the additional buttons from the screenshot in the how-to section are missing.
i uploaded a file to see how it works (for everything looks a little complicated at first) . the file can't be found in the sp archive list, though it said upload successful.
also, i thought you'd uploaded all files from the speedq1 site, but all packs from 97 upwards are not listed. all other sm files give error messages like this: Warning: filesize(): Stat failed for /www/htdocs/v151955/filebase/ (errno=2 - No such file or directory) in /www/htdocs/v151955/administrator/components/com_docman/classes/DOCMAN_file.class.php on line 87 
Me uploads the smXX files now :D

That's weird, I think you are somehow "news publisher" now, but you should be "reviewer". Argh! I'll try to fix it. 
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