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New Q3 Map - Galvanized
I just released my q3 map, galvanized.
It ships in 2 versions, one with and the other without a music soundtrack made by evillair.
An other interesting part of the release is that the whole development time was documented, You can follow it from the beginning to the end step-by-step. A small quicktime movie is also available for download, which was made from the timeline screenshots. It would be fun not just for mappers, don't forget to check out the development section of my site!

Download here:

Site here:
That Looks Pretty Cool 
Thanks mate! Hope there will be people who also will play on it! 
Nice One 
A cool map, just played a quick match in CPMA with some bots. The map looks nice, but is nothing jawdropping. The blinking shadow by the jumppad was a nice touch. I also would've went with a different kind of teleporter. The top level of the map seemed a little too big for my taste.

Hey Look 
Hey Look? 
Why do You say this? I think people found the screenshot page... or is there some problem with it Lun? 
To Jago 
thnaks for your detailed comment Jago! I'm glad that overall You liked it. Yes, it's nothing special, I'm just a zealous student, I'm not a legendary mapper...
Yes the teleporter style... I will get much complaints because of that I think... Sorry, I'm mad.
Ehh, big? You fight there in most cases. Maybe You are too small ;-) 
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