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Q2DM - The Jizz Hutt
I've released a new level for Quake2 deathmatch. It's nothing spectacular, but it's fresh terrain for Quake2. id base textures, most weaps, a quad, a pent, and reasonable r_speeds. Shots here:

Download here:

Also, shots of my upcomming Q2 DM release, Thundercock, are available here:
please make shots a bit brighter, or people might start complaining ;) 
I think these maps are rather appropriately named. 
lol @ name 
Make that names, I didn't see Thundercock. 
Make that names, I didn't see Thundercock. 
Did You Know 
the classic qwtf map well6 was made by Sgt. Thundercock. 
Hi Vondour,
I have no idea why the shots come out so dark - the game looks so much brighter. I'm running Quake2Forge on Linux with NVidia's drivers. I tried doctoring the brightness/contrast a bit in The GIMP, but it wouldn't take. I even tried taking a few shots with gl_modulate set to 2 :/

I know who you are. I'm aware that you're a better mapper than I am. These are my first attempts at mapping in years, and my first serious attempts ever. As the shots kinda suck anyway, why not download it and try it out at least before disregarding it as 'cheese.'

Bambuz, interesting factoid ;)

Thundercock is progressing really well. I might have it done this weekend. It's been put through several vigorous 4 player ffa tests ;)

Oh, and if you're up for some laughs, I've also created a sound pak for Q2:

Anyway, it's nice to be back in with this community. I'm Jay, from I used to run the customs QW server for you guys back when this was 
Shots updated, ImageMagick to the rescue. Other linux mappers out there might find this useful:

Cheers :) 
nice looking map but those arent idbase textures... 
I'm not quite sure where that "you're a better mapper than me" stuff came from, but thanks. I looked at the screenshots and thought that it looked nice. But I couldn't resist making a comment about those names =).

They're Not? 
inertia, I thought these were called "id base." Are they called id metal or something?

Sleep, I wouldn't have blamed you for sorta blowing them off either way - with goofy names and terrible screenshots, I'd think they were a joke, too. Glad you like the names tho ;) 
need more variety in brushwork, at the moment it's way too boxy 
Oh Hell 
Did you use _minlight?

You're really going to wanna not do that. 
nitin, I know it's a bit plain. The middle area is so large, it would have been difficult to incorporate more intricate brushwork without pushing r_speeds well over 1000, which Quake2 just doesn't handle very well. I actually have a rather dated machine that doesn't like anything much over 800 wpolys. You were talking about the first map, right?

Lunaran, both maps use _sun_minlight with a relatively low value (like 40). I use arghrad for radiosity. I found _sun_minlight is a nice way to give sunlight a sort of soft, pale, 'un-earthly' look. Places not visible to sky brushes are still very dark. Would you suggest something else?

*scurries off to post in other ppls threads* 
Oh, I also doctored the shots to kick gamma way up. That might be part of what you're seeing. 
Oh I See Now 
yeah these have oldskool feel, simple but hopefully effective. 
they almost look too bright now.. but map looks nice. :P 
3rd Shot 
Is suffering from a lack of variety along the walls. Some vertical panels/trims would have broken it up nicely.

1 & 2 look good. PS welcome back Qmass Jay! :) 
What I Mean 
by idbase, is, of course, iD's base style seen in quake1... hence the name "idbase" 
Vondur, thank you. The Jizz Hutt isn't really an incredible map. It looks decent, plays okay, but in general is scaled too large on the x/y. It's still fun, but you end up with a lot of long-range shootouts across the main arena where, of course, rail is king. Kinda boring. My friends seem to love it, tho.

Thundercock, otoh, actually plays really well 1v1 or small ffa, like < 6 players. There are several trick jumps, and the weapons balance is quite alright. Not to mention the layout is much more interesting. I consider it my first success. I'll post a download link soon, probably just in this thread. I don't want to spam up the news page.

Thanks, Shadowdane.

Blitz, well hey! Yea, those big corridors with the roofwork are a little plain. I suppose I got lazy and let arghrad make them look acceptable - I love the shadows :)

inertia, my bad. I thought Strogg base textures could also be called idbase. 'Metal' it is, then. Altho I've always thought they're more like stone ..with rivets.. anyway. 
I thought Strogg base textures could also be called idbase.

"q2base" is a pretty good name for them. 
Oh, hehe - thanks ;)

So it's done: 
over 25 
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