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Wintery Map Pack
OK! Here's the guidelines for the Wintery Map Pack (or Summery Map Pack if you're below the Equator.)

- Theme: Scrapped Maps - Find a scrapped map or maps and finish it/them. Anyone's scrapped maps will do as long as you have permission (even your own will do!)

- You can do anything you want to the map - change the layout, textures, anything you want, as long as you finish a scrapped map. Glue as many scrapped maps together as you want! Since you need at least one Quothian enemy, it's Single Player only.

- There are only a few condition that must be met:

1.) You must use at least ONE Quothian monster (and thus must use the Quoth entity set.)

2.) You MUST include a .txt with your submission with the name of the scrapped map's original author (even if it's yourself) and the name of the scrapped piece if applicable.

3.) Again, Single Player only.

- All maps and .txts must be submitted to no later than Saturday, January 21st, 2006 at 11:59 PM Central Time. All maps that meet the requirements will be posted in one big .zip/.pak/.rar/.dz/.trojan for consumer pleasure.

- Big props go to Big Man Rob Pee Gee (BMRPG) for the theme suggestion, rule suggestion, and general imposing His holy will unto His loyal serfs.
So... start I guess.
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Was It Not... 
....That I never went further than opening an editor I would do it.... And, on a sideline... wait an' see what The Horse Of The Gods� has in store for you... You'll be amazed.... 
:) my problem is the fucking language... :( should be titurials in Portuguese... 
...What are we waiting for? 
Not Me! 
I have submitted my map. 
i didn�t finish mine :| need more one week! :p 
better forget things are not good :! had to much work and this week didn�t map nothing... 
I'm a lazy git, and I haven't finished my map yet either. I guarantee I will finish my map by this weekend, before Sunday is over with... but I don't guarantee the pack will be out by then, but it could be. Once I have all the maps (Which'll make 3 with Trinca's) then I'll send everything over to RPG to upload. So maybe by this weekend, depending on RPG. 
...I 'm not entitled to complain, given my ineptitude to map, take your time, guys.

Hrim, I apologize for not having given you any further feedback... The thing just got perfect, anyway.... 
Maybe Zwiffle Is Waiting For Trinca's Map? 
Anyway, I haven't received the maps yet. I'll upload them as soon as I get them.

I just wanted to give a status report. 
i get a dead end in my map :| shit not enought skill�s and fuckedup the all map :| forget mine... 
it is to said for the original mapper that as done a great work and i fuckedup all 
Zwiffle could not map so well,
But he was in love with Kell.
He promised a map,
Instead took a nap,
If you don't like it you can all go to hell.

Sorry :( 
More Zwiffetry plz kthx. 
What does that mean? Your map is delayed? Your map is cancelled? The pack is delayed? The pack is cancelled?
Just curious.
I won't be able to play it for another 10 months or something anyways...
RPG, are you mapping for this?

cheers from Australia. 
Will this pack ever get out? 
I think maybe you should just release your map(s) individually. 
That Would Be OUR Map Drew ;-) 
But let's hear what Zwiffle says. 
Believe it or not, I'm almost done with mine, as crappy as it is. The main problem I have at the moment is figuring out how to get these wind tunnels to work, and then I could be able to get it finished by today. If I can't do that, I'll instead rework that part to be teleporters or something.

But I do really want to release it just because Hrimfaxi's map is so awesome and he's been very patient with his awesomeness. But, it's pretty close to being released, I'd say before Friday this week our two maps should be out. But, really, it's like buying a Whopper and getting a really tiny White Castle burger to go with it (Hrim's map is the Whopper, my map is the tiny burger.) 
That's ok then. There will be a wintery map pack at last! 8-)
But take all the time you need to finish your map! 
Zwiffle - Wind Tunnels 
What's the problem?

Is it when you want to change direction? If so, just keep a 64 unit gap between the two trigger_pushs. Even at a speed of 50 the player will jump between the triggers.

However, if your trigger is in empty space i.e. not inside a tunnel, I have found that you need speeds of at least 100 to avoid the player dropping out of the trigger's area. 
I have some example maps where I have moved the player along, up 90 degrees, turn at 90, down, along, up 90, left 90 and out. Both inside tunnels and in open space.

Just keep the gap between triggers. It works fine. 
..bring on the wintery pack before it�s summer....come on ! 
i know this would have been the perfect opportunity to finish your secret scrap. especially, given the huge amount of extra time slowffle granted...
unfortunately, i either didn't really have the time or just couldn't think of a worthy way to continue the map.

just know that i haven't forgotten about it.
(though i'd prefer you to grab some cheap laptop/ pda/ calculator/ tamagotchi and finish it off yourself - in the rare occasions when you are not busy stalking ladyboys, i mean :D) 
Too Busy... 
You can do it! I've seen you scraps and speedmaps and am waiting for a full release from you. 
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