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High And Dry - New Q4 MP Map
I've been working on this one for quite a while, and finally got the time and energy over holidays to finish it up.

The map is mainly intended for FFA, but can work as Tourney (no Quad in that case) or TDM if you so desire.

I tried to make something that feels a little different from most of the maps that shipped with the game. Feedback is welcome!


Nice One... 
...ran around it last night. Loved the feel, except of course I suffer from terrible vertigo (I had to shut my eyes through a lot of LOTR:ROTK :) so when I kept going up and up I initially had a bit of a panic attack. Then I sternly told myself it's just a construct. Well done on the atmosphere side.

Layout wasn't immediately graspable (probably due to the verticality), but I like that in a map. Pretty soon though I could get anywhere in no time...great layout!

I liked the little alcoves with ammo along the hallways, making the player work a bit for reward is fine as far as I'm concerened. Also liked that one could use the pipes etc to traverse the level rather than just hallways etc.

I imagine this is one hell of a tourney map. What's the story with bots and Q4MP? 
looks cool! wish i could play it

sometime soon, perhaps ;) 
Thanks For The Feedback! 
It's actually much better for FFA; it's pretty big for tourney and there's a lot of "where the hell is my opponent?" during tourney. The story with bots and Q4 is: bots are available here (they aren't brilliant, but they suffice for the most part):

and I have heard that other people are working on bots as well, so there will probably be more options to choose from eventually. 
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