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Quake 3 Engine Tweaks?
I wonder, is there anything using and/or enhancing and/or tweaking the q3 engine out there in the wide internet? Mind you, I don't want another 'shiny quake <n>' (tm), but i'm interested in eventual progress.

I haven't heard anything since the Source was released, so i just wondered - especially why we haven't heard anything of arqon, who's normally so eager to bitch about the quality of id's code (at least from my (limited) perspective). Has anyone looked into the Code?

Also it's likely that some mod's go standalone? Anything on the Cpma front? Or has Quake4 left that community with no further dev power?
ArQon is working on Q4max currently 
quakedev, quakesrc, their forums 
Overheard In Irc 
<LordHavoc> adamllis: Quake3 code is significantly worse than QFusion
<adamllis> qfusion?
<LordHavoc> adamllis: Vic's Quake2 engine that runs Quake3 content
<LordHavoc> some mods and games are being made with it
<LordHavoc> warsow, nosferatu, a few others
<LordHavoc> adamllis: its code quality is better than quake3, less bugs in general
<LordHavoc> adamllis: I was rather apalled when I saw how little error checkign the quake3 code has (just about none)
<LordHavoc> adamllis: it's amazingly easy to crash quake3 :P
<adamllis> would you suggest to a game company to use qfusion or similar mod over q3?
<LordHavoc> that kind of depends
<LordHavoc> qfusion doesn't have the botlib
<LordHavoc> if that's important to them, then q3 is probably better
<LordHavoc> but qfusion has more advanced tech
<LordHavoc> it has per pixel lighting on models, among other features

so that might be why there's not much fuss bout q3 source. 
I'm Still Waiting For Equake3 
:) or q3clients would be nice 
I think arQon is still working on cpm 1.33 as well as being coding advisor to Q4MAX, and afaik he's looking at other q3 engine projects atm, rather than making one himself. 
Deliberate Threadcromancy TYOOL 2016, what's the "Quakespasm" equivalent for Quake 3? i.e. is there an Q3 engine port that optimises the game for modern computers without adding a load of bloat and extra crap? 
IoQuake3 Maybe?

I've used it to play Sock's "Map on the Edge of Forever" mod, that's about it though. 
Luvvly jubbly, I'll give that a whizz. 
I made a Q3 port last year that moved all (well, most) of the "shaders" to the GPU, i.e actual proper shaders. It also went to D3D9 and much of the vertex data went to vertex buffers.

It was fun but I wouldn't consider it releasable - there were enough significant bugs and missing features that, while it worked fine in the limited environment I was building it in, it would have exploded spectacularly on almost anyone else's PC. I just don't need the hassle of maintaining that class of project any more.

I didn't bother with adding anything that the original didn't have (so no normal mapping, for example) but a lot of what were previously per-vertex effects (env mapping, sky, turbs, etc) went to per-pixel and had a huge visual improvement, while at the same time also running much faster owing to being able to keep data static and move calculations to the faster processor. 
Oh Balls Here We Go Again 
I have no idea what any of that means and I imagine I don't want to know. 
i was thinking the same thing. 
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