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Industri Moves To D3
Over the Christmas break I started to move Industri over to the Doom 3 engine (from the Tenebrae 2 engine). I should have done this a long time ago. D3 is great for editing.

Anyway, there is a teaser video (in XviD format) and a few screen shots up on the main site:
This Looks Really Cool. 
Will be looking forward to trying it out. Doom3 needs to get more dirty, and it was refreshing to see some new normalmapped textures for a change. 
looks interesting. I liked the video too. 
whats been released of industri (in quake 1 ages ago) was very good, therefore im sad its going to Doom 3. But of course its understandable.

keep up the good work you started. 
gg tigger. Now I will sure play it.
Tenebrae is eww

BUT I really hope you will have some code changes to make gamepaly more quake-like 
Those textures are nice.

Very nice. 
Great Video 
That gizmo-doohickey on the left looks awesome. I like the grimy mood. How many new textures you got there? 
but o/t: this clicking sound in one of the foot step oggs is so unbelievable annonying in doom3... it must be a bug; at least it totally spoils the game. good thing, i replaced it right after noticing.
(was just reminded of it, because it's apparent in the trailer)

looking forward to industri btw, though it'll still take a long time i assume.. 
Some Answers 
Most of the textures are new. A number of them have come from shaderlab and a few from other Artist. Others I've put together from holidays in Crete and Japan and from some time I spent in Germany.

Not sure if I'll be changing the AI much, if at all. I'll have to wait and see if its needed first :]

I took the 'forced walk' and stanima out for a while, then I put it back in. I kind of like it now and it does add something to the game. I'll keep playing with it and see what I think works best. 
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