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SM119: Happiness In Slackery
No theme and only two maps this week: Trinca discovered the power of cut'n'paste, while neg!ke offers a controversial approach to the concept of happiness.

neg|ke u nuts :) ehehe nice map! 
trinca: nice. interesting brushwork this time, way to go. if you have lots of monsters that fire a counter, set it to "nomessage" (sf 1), so the message is not displayed after each monster killed. also try to keep vis blocking/r_speeds in mind when making corridors like this (add corners).

quirk2: don't take this map too seriously. i had to let off some steam from the past weeks and got carried away. though i figured it could be a useful prefab for some maps... ;) 
sm119_neg!ke - OMG, that is a riot. I almost closed the map after playing it (lets just say) the puzzle solving way. Explore further my friends, rare delights await you.

sm119_trinca - Your maps were playable from day one, but they get nicer to look at every time. The shamblers were a little easy to get around, making this quite a short little blast. Good though. 
Only Two Maps... 
...but those two are the bomb.

Trinca: carnage supreme once again, wished it was longer with more quad runs :)

Neg!ke: instant classic, it�s a rare occasion that a Quake map makes me laugh really hard, but the moment I got that apple..or the end for the unhappy people..omg ! Awesome from start to end(and getting 100% kills is quite a challenge). 
Negle's Map Made Me Lol 
and that makes the map dignified. 
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