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SM120: The Facial Expression Dogs Have While Taking A Crap
3 maps by generic and Trinca:
Trinca prepared a small Shambler carnage for his son, and a medieval warehouse; generic goes for a space map with pipes.

thks good generic save the week... great map!!! i wasn�t inspired this week :| was at home all week with my kid sick :/ 
trinca1: strongly competing with your very first speedmap. i can't decide which one sucks more - i hope at least your son liked it. :D
trinca2: ok. didn't you say something about a func_train, though?

generic: very short, but nice and clean design as usual.

my map wasn't supposed to be. maybe i'll hand it in for the next pack... 
sm120_generic in eleven seconds

fun map 
trinca kiss neg!ke on is face! :) 
This speedmapping sessions theme was the expression on a dogs face when it takes a shit? I don't see any evidence of that in the maps.

is becouse my two maps are two bad :| at least shit part...ehheh the dogs dont know :) 
or rather because my po(ath)etic linguistic proficiency is unable to cope with finding captions for packs that don't follow a unified theme... 
Trinca scrach neg|ke ball�s to make him laught :p 
Ok, That Goes To Far. 
go map! 
Not To Interrupt, But... 
I thought the title was very Zen :) and that the theme was "Coagula-pipe Thingy," hence my map looking the way it does.

It's too bad that Neg!ke didn't make anything this week :( and that there seems to be an utter lack of comments on these maps lately >:{

I am looking forward to giving Trinca's maps a whirl and will be back with comments, for real :) 
Piece Of Quake 
Trinca1: your son needs a new mouse, his left button seems to be stuck !? a bit over the top but ok.

Trinca2: nice grunt pwnage, but otherwise kinda bleh (everyone loves crates though :)

Generic: very nice architecture, but gameplay could have been more intense (the two shambs and vore part was shoot hide shoot hide shoot..)

Thanks & keep it up ! 
Cheers to you for your comments. I will try to focus more on gameplay next time -- I got too carried away building brushes this time :)

Trinca1 -- Your son must be better at Quake than me because I would need another Pent and loads more ammo to finish this one :)

Trinca2 -- I liked the texture combo on the walls and the shambler combat in the open area. The vores weren't really used effectively -- put them in open areas so you have to strafe around them -- but plowing through all of those grunts was fun :) Also, if you going to put in a crate that says "explosives," it should probably explode :) 
P.S. Fern... 
Thanks for the cool demo! 
Thanks... that is all. 
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