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Some of us from another corner of the Quake universe got together last year and decided to create a project called to invigorate our community.

After some setbacks and false starts, we finally have officially launched the site.

This site is more geared towards multiplayer and more geared towards regular Quake (NetQuake ... ProQuake/JoeQuake/QRrack), but as the site evolves I want to place some emphasis on the some of the wonderful single player creations that exist in Quake which I feel are not as widely known as they should be.

Primary contributors to the effort: Steve aka Solecord, Yellow No. 5, Baker, Apocalypse, Hydrosmoke, Bam, Zop, Sputnikutah
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Try This... 
Thank you for the news item approval. 
Good to have new blood for the community.... Maybe, being a multiplayer site, the head logo should not involve a shambler, or, at least should show 2 quakeguys... Just a minor nit...

Kudos, anyway!!!! 
easy places for people to start are always good :) i still a qw player since 1997 but since i found netquake last year guess i will stay some years in netquake to ;)

good job guys keep on it! 
You'll notice on the title graphic the map is DM2. Heh. So if you think about it too hard, it makes even less sense. 
Yeah great job guys. This site looks quality. I don't play QW too much anymore but I'll definitely check your site out. GL with it. 
The Shamby 
Just a little tidbit on that shamby... that's actually an ingame screenshot of a multiplayer game from a runequake server. The shamby was mine (Shambler Rune) and it was attacking someone else! heh. So it sort of fits with the multiplayer game; at least for the runequake mod :) 
Could somebody create a quake-content site that's NOT looking '97 clan/portal? 
/me throws a css-showoff site at Baker 
Nice to see a fresh site that looks good to keep our favorite game within easy reach.

And let's hope for a healthy SPQ1 component with new maps and projects to come including Quake Travail! 
didnt put my aerowalk guide on there. lamers

guess they're 2hardcore! 
Our site is more functional than show-off. Solecord is a PHP/CSS-God, no kidding, but our goal is to have a solid site that has the main topics cover rather than to have a some big neon colored site with flash animations.

I know where you are coming, though. 
Got To Be Kidding Me 
don't want to sound whiny / bitchy, but you're using fucking tables for layout and all.

Our site is more functional than show-off.
That's entirely missing the point of using css to seperate content from presentation.

rather than to have a some big neon colored site with flash animations.
again, obviously you have no clue what i'm talking about. point me to all the flash animations. (that's just the first example of a site with similar purpose[not topic] that came to my mind. and it IS a bit neon coloured :))

49 errors. on xhtml transitional. right. 
inertia stfu :p tonight i rape u in Aerowalk untill u have no more tears to drop... 
Good To See Another Quake Site 
and I don't care if you are using tables, chairs, beds or broom closets for your layout, looks fine to me. I also don't care if you use css, fbi, cia or kgb, just keep quakin'

Keep it full of Quake goodness and most people wouldn't care about the technical side of the site. Just look at aguirRe's site,(no offense intended) hardly the pinnacle of web design, but man it's got the goods when it comes to the most important part, and thats what people go there for in the first place.

Best of luck with the site. 
Yeah. What [] says. Keep it up. 
Again Trinca solves all. In Portugal, they get straight to the point and don't beat around the bush. 
Error ... 
Regarding Css 
To the person talking about the CSS and validator issues: we're currently running a premade, freely available portal software along with vBulletin message board to run the site. The portal itself uses tables instead of css to create the pages. I didn't want to waste my time rewritting parts of the portal software to use css declarations instead of tables. The goal was to get the site up and that's what we did. If the lack of CSS really bothers you, I dunno...

And as far as the validation goes, most of the errors are due to ampersands in links that portal generates. 
record a demo of inertia vs. trinca and put it on the site ;P 
> don't want to sound whiny / bitchy, but you're
>using fucking tables for layout and all.

OMG, you better start emailing and Microsoft and Metslime because they are using tables instead of CSS divs.

> 49 errors. on xhtml transitional.

I wonder how many sites actually completely validate. I bet most don't. I guess we ought to start looking for <br> and change them to <br />.

Thanks for the advice. I know Steve uses that site to validate sites he makes, but our first priority was getting the site up. It's not like there are javascript errors or something that would interfere with a Firefox or IE user would notice. 
Inertia: Your Aerowalk Guide 
As I told you when you IM'ed about your guide last night, we are looking for useful help and content for the site. You need to register on the site and post it to the forums, so suggestions, corrections, formating etc can be added.

Your response to this was, btw, "no i'm too lazy to register".

"didnt put my aerowalk guide on there. lamers "
Sorry to let you down I guess ;) 
what's the advantage of netquake over quakeworld? Last time I tried (1998), the lag was unbearable. 
Our USA/Canada based community plays regular Quake because that's what we've always have played. We've got a few hundred regulars and have for years.

Some of our players have tried Quakeworld but our community is build around certain servers and sites and doesn't really interact with any other communities, the players just show up and play and bring their friends, etc.

The median ping for players on our servers is around 75, lag isn't an issue except for the occasional dialup player, and we don't have many of those left.

We're just quiet, we like to play and chat about stuff in the forums.

The main reason we started the site is that the prior Quake portal sites like weren't very much into new clients and the tech advice was terrible. 
Terrible Tech Advice 
And when I mean the tech advice on was terrible, I mean 3 Stooges "want to poke our your eye with an ink pen" terrible advice.

God, one time I read a thread where 5 different "respected and knowledgable" people gave the most boneheaded advice and it took like 30 posts and all the stuff was SO wrong.

Well intentioned? Yes. 
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