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Toxic Shock Syndrome
TSS is a large deathmatch level for Quake2 FFA and team dm. It's dressed up in industrial and gothic textures by Lunaran, Yogi, Rorshach, Musashi, and others.

Hmm looks like someone else reads the back of the Tampon box when they don't have other appropriate reading material in the shitter. I thought I was the only one :)

Nice shots -- looks good. I would comment more but I don't have Q2 installed 
yeah, nice shots. I have q2 installed, just need to copy around some paks so I can try it. I like the textures. cool. 
Blitz, yea, the gf and I decided this name was priceless, and fit with the rest of my map names.

Nico, the textures are indeed fantastic. I was thrilled to find them already converted for Q2. I only made minor adjustments to a couple of them. Hats off to the original artists.

I just wanted to add that this level went through no less than 7 public betas, so gameplay is (hopefully) very tuned. I hope this one finds its way onto a couple servers. I spent almost too much time on it! 
I just got acebot for linux and slapped it around in base1. i am starting to suck less in q2. i´ll sure try your map.

some of the texes remind me of old guitar amplifiers from the 70s. in general, the feeling is a bit quake1ish. not as open as a q1dm map however. 
so i guess the fact that i don't get the name is a good thing? o_O


i need to figure out how to get q2 running again. :\ 
/me Gets Railed 
large distances + absence of light + corridors with 90 degree turns + a bot with a railgun + q2 newbie = pain

gahhh. still it plays really well. just not good for newbs. ok, i got a few frags in, too.

thanks for this map. 
Hehe.. the map is reasonably lit for me with vid_gamma 1 and gl_modulate 1. These are the default (dark) settings. Try bumping vid_gamma to 0.7 and gl_modulate to 2. Issue a vid_restart if the commands don't seem to take effect right away.

But thank you for trying it out :) We're actually going to be playing on it tonight, 9pm EST, if you care to try with humans:

Btw, I guess it isn't really a newbie-friendly map. I did design it with team dm in mind. 
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