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Station 52 (qxdm3) Released
I have just finished my latest map, Station 52, for Quake 3. Uses the Vendetta texture set, along with new shaders. Features an original layout and is good for 2-6 FFA or 2v2 TDM.

More info and screens:

V For...Very Good 
This is a fucking nice map.
I could say more, but I won't at this point in case I get the chance to review it for ..::LvL.
Fun fun fun. 
Nice ... 
... level. 
Looks Nice 
d/l now 
It's Good 
I like the curved hallway most. 
Bling Bling 
Some nice bits - those idpipe texes worked really well with the vendetta textures. Weak lighting. Layout seemed to be mostly corridors so gameplay might not be too interesting if you unlike me actually play the map. 
Finally Got Around To Play It 
Brilliant stuff, I didnt htink the layout would work but it's very good. And the look is beautiful! 
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