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New Quake SP Map By Elvis
Elvis has released a new quake SP map called Hell's Village.

Download :

Pics :
Looks Sweet 
I like outdoor maps. 
oh wel i test this map and download so many times... gave u a lot of advices and even a single "thks"

bah fuckit anyway i like the map a lot in single player good job mate!!!

tonight i will rape u in dm to make u pay :p 
why download it again when you allready had it and by the way sorry if i didn't say thanks when you tested it for me, i don't mean to be rude at all but i needed to get this out fast as it started to drive me mad :|
but thanks again for all your help and of course i like you maps to :) even if i have't sayed much 
Nice Map 
It will make a change from playing base maps all of the time.

I played on normal, and knew straight away that I would be in for trouble, when I had 6 dogs "hounding" me and only my my Quake stick to make them fetch.

I saw both secrets, managed to reac one, almost managed to reach the other, but only just touched the trigger, so I didn't get the item. :-(

Managed to get to the final room, and then promptly ran out of nails. Had to SSG the shambler down with very little health left.

I'm not so sure about the markers around the weapons, but it's or DM as well as SP, so I'll let you off.

I did see 1 shortcut, but it's a grenade+slope jump, so not really practical. 
Good Debut 
though there are some issues:

too bright ambient level (no dark shadows, everything is lit equally)

werd gameplay setups (evil monster spawns around you so u cannot move)

buggy end fight with shambler (you can step out
of the room BEFORE the trap door closes, so when it closes and if you're not in that exit room, the exit is unreachable by any means, so only noclip helps here)

overall, good try for the first level.... 
Enjoyed It 
This thread disappeared with only a couple of comments. Not sure why. I enjoyed the map.

Lighting was a bit uninspired, as has been said, and it could have used a few more monsters on harder skills (I liked the way the ammo and health were removed on the harder levels).

Secrets were annoying to get to, too.

Good work. Next time, get some more critical beta testers involved.

Very promising, I thought. 
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