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SM123: A Tribute To The Dopefish
This weeks' theme was to pay tribute to our beloved friend the Dopefish, and that's what Trinca and neg!ke did in a sunken castle and a renovated version of the Dopefish's dwelling.

Text on blue background:
oh man i will stop making maps in same week as neg|ke :/ he make my maps more crapy then they are... :p when i saw shambler and had 11 health i say to me man will die again...eheheh guess not :)

hard map :\ omg that bitch vores kill me 2 times and lost once in ogres part in first come up... :( in hard skill 
func seems to dislike quotes in topic titles. :(
i used the description from the commander keen manual: "swim swim hungry, swim swim hungry"

trinca: nice idea to have a map entirely submerged. go make a malice submarine map! ;)
the ending was pretty hard. better lighting next time - with some light textures or simply globes.

neg!ke: just out of curiosity, why do the fish swim around instead of just waiting at their origin? does the ai tell them to move away from doors or the like? 
Func Eats Quotes On Preview, I Think 
I moaned about this in site help a while ago... 
why do the fish swim around instead of just waiting at their origin?

Something to do with fishies having the same target/targetname iirc. I encountered that little bit of behaviour in the secret map of Contract, where all the fish in the underwater section shooled instead of waiting at their origins. 
Good Fun 
I enjoyed both these maps.

Trinca: Underwater vores are quite tough! Charging in and killing it before it got me worked best in the end.

Neg!ke: I was quite glad to be teleported out by the dopefish as i had about 20 voreballs chasing me at that point :) 
ah. yes, they all target a counter.
if this doesn't cause unforseen behavior, it could be used deliberately to spare some (or a lot) path corners, i guess. 
Both Cool 
neg!ke's, odd as ever (thank goodness). I played it about 5 or 6 times. I thought I better make sure there wasn't something I missed, and was kind of hoping there might be something hidden in the shambler room. Perhaps not. Fun though.:)

Trinca's map was different too. Probably played it about the same amount of times just to beat it. Playable and finished. Nice one.

I "thought" about mapping for this one, but as always didn't get around to it. Hohum 
Good Maps... 
both of yous!!!

I liked Trinca's best for the atmosphere -- although I thought it was a little too tough at first. It could have used some more fish perhaps ;p

Neg!ke's was awesome as usual albeit slightly disorienting -- do I go up now, or down? And that push-button thingy at the top didn't move :( I liked the draining water though :)

Long Live the Dopefish!!! 
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