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Quake Anniversary
As many of you no doubt know, Quake almost have 10 years i think is in 22 of July, why dont we all try to make a small polish map to this day and release it, all in same day? theme could be something like...


what do u guys think?
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Groups: don't forget about the SP players. I'm sure there are many people who only play offline. I was one of them for some time and no one knew me although I "knew" a lot of people here and there. Also there are quite a few people registered at Quaddicted who never posted anything and who I never saw anywhere else. I am just brainstorming how these people could contribute? Reviews? Feedback?

QExpo forum: agreed!
Focus on the past: agreed!

My goal for QExpo will be to finish the reviews for all the Singleplayer maps at Quaddicted. Complete with links to other reviews and corrected filedates.

And I want a Quake1 only QExpo. Really. 
Good Idea 
And for those who miss old Q1 sites that have disappeared, try visiting the Internet Archive:

I've just tried it and there's a lot of material if you just know the old URL. I even managed to squeeze out some more old QMap threads with a little work.

A nice blast from the past ... :) 
...wouldn't the most obvious way to get the players involved be some sort of tournament? :s 
I was planning on doing a getting started (with Worldcraft and Radiant) guide, plus a guide where I do an quick sp remake of DM1. I was also planning on linking all the most useful tutorials, so that would include the hipnotic and curve tuts by czg.

We really need to come together and do all we can to make this the best QExpo ever. We could start by posting links to useful Quake resources, mirrors of stuff that has vanished from the net, classic mod and map review and feature ideas and anything else you can come up with.

I will try and get some stuff together during my lunch break whilst I go through all the new e3 video releases :) 
With regards to CZG's curve tutorial...
It's much loved, but one thing I always craved for was a technique for making more complex curves, or some kind of easy to follow formula.
And for starting mappers, I think compiling might be important enough to warrant its own mini-tutorial.
It seems like you guys are all really putting alot of thought and love (and work)into this, and I really think it will be a fitting celebration of Quake.

PS - Neg!ke - would you be doing some SMs? 
What sort of tutorial does you need? I'm sure czg says how to make curved pipes in the tutorial, and there isn't much more complex than that, unless you want curved intersecting pipes at odd angles as seen in spog's spogsp1 for Quake 2.

I can cover the basic ratios for having stuff rotated 45 degress and aligned to the grid, common texture scales and rotations, but I don't know what else people want. Also, I think that there are people more qualified than I on these things that could probably shed more light.

We need a qc hack tutorial! Who wants to write that? There is tons of info in the qc hack thread, but it's scattered over so many posts it might be quite a job to get it all together.

Uhm, quick summary:
*Introduction. Why Quake is still worth mapping for (this has been covered several times in the past, noteably by Shambler) and how easy it is to move from Quake level design to Doom 3 or Half-Life.
*Shambler's single player theory guides
*DM theory guide (there must be some existing guides somewhere).
*Getting started guides for WC and Radiant. Maybe one for Quark if someone can be arsed.
*General mapping techniques and a basic DM or SP level mapping tutorial and explanation (I will probably do this if I have time).
*Updated curve tutorial
*CZGs hipnotic tutorial
*no progs hacking guide.
*Texture creation guide? Maybe just a quick texture modification or merging guide using texmex.
*Mapping for popular mods (basic guide) 
read my posts above.
on second thought, though, i think i'll solely base my participation on the condition of your and shambler's return! 
don't forget to ask RPG and Speedy for their dome examples (they use different methodologies, ratios etc.). An RPG dome features prominently in travail e2m2. Maybe you could get them to write a small .txt to accompany the example. 
Oooh. I'd Love To See The Texture Tutorial. 
I'm fine with creating textures, but a decent optimisation tut [ideally covering several graphics utilities] would be useful because that's always given me problems. 
See distrans's post. Speedy and I got into a fight about how to make domes and curves, so I created a 12-sided dome using the principles of czg's tutorial. (Speedy insisted on just copying and moving vertices randomly until it looked like a 2nd century architectural experiment.) The advantage of the principles of czg's tutorial is that you can actually make that dome, but with Speedy's method, it's time consuming, nearly impossible, and the results are extremely uneven.

That may be the more complex technique that Drew was talking about. Anyway, theoretically I could do up a tutorial on how to make that. 
The 'do Fiends have eyes' thing is just the sort of questions we're asking. Some long standing questions, like that and the Shambler's hide question. Although in my opinion I'd rather know if Shamblers have eyes (I hope not). I was rather distressed when I found that the Fiend did appeared to have eyes when I looked at him closely in the model editor. Eyes or maybe weird golden scab things.

Of course, we are also asking the perhaps more meaningful questions. The bottom line is no asking Carmack about his aerospace stuff, no asking Romero about Daikatana or monkey stone, no asking Peterson about what he has in his pockets, no asking about what id is working on now, it's all only Q1 stuff. 
hello page 2 
we should ask quake developers if they visit func_msgboard daily?

btw I plan to release something for 10 years date 
Woot - 10 Years Of The Best Video/computer Game Ever... 
im late to the party, ive been busy as usual.

i might write an overview of the development of quake 1 SP maps over the 10 year period, noting the highlights, themes, types and authors and so forth. for the expo. 
Another Question 
kind of an addition to PuLSaR's:
Do they follow the Quake modding (as mod/map/engine/whatever) scene?

And since John Romero and American McGee created lots of the sounds: Would these two make new sounds for us (in decent quality)? Even if it were just a joke :D 
Damn People, You Can't Ask Shit Like That 
What on earth makes you think anyone gives a fuck about our shitty little 'community'?

Make new sounds? What the HELL people? 
is sad but czg is true :\ let just keep our litle project to our selves :) is also great fun ;) 
Q To Whichever Developer: 
What happened to the episodic approach to games where you could just pick an episode and play it instead of playing linearly from the beginning to the end? 
Storyline happened. 
You Could Always Have 
a squad of four different playable characters, each of which has to complete a different part of the same overall mission. I do miss being able to choose between episodes. 
yes i think Zwiffles response is basically the correct one.

the desire/need/blind acceptance to follow a linear "story" has severely reduced the players freedom to choose how they want to play the game in many recent titles. 
Even in Doom 3 for example there are still several distinct and unique areas: Alpha Labs, Delta Labs, Hell/temple. Surely three episodes are appropriate for that, each one getting unlocked as you reach it? Even HL1 could have conveniently been broken into 2 episodes: before you get knocked unconcious, and after you get knocked unconcious (since you lose all your weapons anyway). 
you still wouldn't have a choice of episodes at the start of the game. :\ So what would be the point? 
has like 12 episodes that get unlocked as you reach them. What's wrong with that? 
Than Y Text_Fish 
than: I dunno; I haven't played it.

Text_Fish: The point is that then if I only want to play the second half of HL after I've beaten it, I can. Otherwise I just have to rely on old save games or cheat my way through or just give up and uninstall the game while reminiscing about the old days when games were episodic and I didn't have that problem. 
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