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Quake Anniversary
As many of you no doubt know, Quake almost have 10 years i think is in 22 of July, why dont we all try to make a small polish map to this day and release it, all in same day? theme could be something like...


what do u guys think?
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ops could be our contribucion to qexpo 2006 aswell

P.S-> sorry shity English please some Admin fix the errors...eheh 
Don't worry... there are some other projects that are still cooking for this special event !

But well, why not ! 
i now but a full pack with a lot of mapper�s will be real cool 
The Polish... 
probably don't know Quake. 
Phait look at #2 p.s.

foda-se caralho!!! 
the polish _do_ know quake. They have many good mappers as well as players. Mostly for dm though. 
what would a polish map be like? 
how wel maby not a speedmap and not a too long map something nice that keep us few minuts at computer playing our beloved game!!! 
I think it's a good idea, was just kidding for a while. Many people here are already working on something for the time. (distrans & co) 
Bump for QExpo 2006
I really hope to see a lot of you mappers turn out for that with some good content, and perhaps some nonmap Quake related items as well. 
is there a proper plan for this yet? Are we having booths and stuff as before. Willthe or
ganiser(s) be trying to get hold of famous Quake mappers/modders from the industry that started in Quake and id employees to give interviews. I think as it's the 10th anniversary it won't be hard getting a few words from them.

Man, we should do so much this time. 
man i�m noob in this part of game... :\ i need help i dont have the connections to start the boat move in the water!!! 
I think the folks over at inside3d and in #quakec are the ones that are organising something, but I haven't seen much news about it lately, and there wasn't a lot going on over at the inside3d forums last time I checked.

I'm still slowly plodding away on stuff for QExpo though, and I reckon a bunch of others are planning to have their maps read by that time.

I am definitely willing to help out, but I don't know how busy with real life stuff around the date of QExpo. I think it should be ok, because our game should be ready fairly soon.

I'm at the very least going to have a booth and some content to release if QExpo is going ahead. 
Famous Quake mappers/modders from the industry that started in Quake and id employees to give interviews

Heh, they just state something like "We feel that Quake 4 is the best Quake game in the series, it really embodies what the spirit of Quake originally was intended" and leave it at that. :C 
Hey Than, 
I found them,

<i/>there wasn't a lot going on over at the inside3d forums last time I checked

The channels they hang out can be found on an page embed linked on the Inside3d fron page. 
Than And QExpo 
QExpo is going ahead, yes it will have booths and such as before, plus more.

id people are being/have been contacted, and I plan on contacting old guys from early in the community as well.

True there is not a lot of news as of late but that is because most of the work taking place currently is technical (aka making the php a lot better for a better booth system and site overall). This is boring info to 99% of the people and so it is not public.

But yes, interviews are planned (one is going to start this week), I would like to do some reviews as well, maybe as a throwback to the Quake Literary Guild do some good fanfic also, and also more Quake comics (I keep prodding Deej to do a few special DJQuakes for QExpo). On top of this Im really hoping we can get more people playing Quake in general during this time, with current mods and maps, stock Quake, oldschool things, and stuff unique to QExpo.

Im hoping to see a stronger turn out from both the mappers and the modders for this one, and Im trying to court the players, QW and NQ, as I have found by and large, they dont know about QExpo... I hop onto a server and mention it, no one has ever heard the term before, which is alarming to me. We have untapped Quake players out there who are without new content. Im hoping this decade celebration of Quake can reunite all of us and get some good frags in while were at it. 
There Will Definately Be 
one or two speedmapping sessions again. i'll be happy to run them - or maybe zwiffle will be back into action then, too... 
omg a speedweek with like 10 maps or more will be real fun!!! 
Scare and are the qw headquarters. 
Thanks, I know of besmella but I dont know the guys there yet... Need to start hanging around their forums some.

neg!ke - Id love to see more speedmapping sessions, and it would be cool to get a high turnout one come July for Quake's sake. 
i got my own project but a special aniversary map i will for sure!!! i�m just to noob at mapping but i rape here�s ass :\ 
QExpo Date 
QExpo's tentative start date is Monday July 17th. At current planning it will be 10 days long, thus making the 22nd basically the mid point of the week, making it the main event but giving people time afterwards to continue to celebrate via booths and other such things. Keep the festivities going basically. 
i will have a small surprise for this date is all i can say :)

but i wrealy whould like to have a special speedmap event with more then 10 mapper�s


Vondur, Czg, R.P.G, Bal, JPL, e.t.c hope to see also a small contribucion for u guys ;) just a small speedmap ehehe 100 minutes is not much 
I'm very busy at the moment with Doom3 texture set conversion.... and my participation will depends on 2 things:

1/ When I will finish the Doom3 texture set conversion
2/ The target date for this special speedmap event..

In anyway, I already planned to do something for this event... hoping I will have enough time.. though... 
JPL is just a small speedmap :) ehehe like a aniversary theme... a small map with a cake or somehing like that eheheh 
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