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Darsana ~ Standalone Medieval FPS (using Darkplaces Engine)
Hello, I'm a coder who is creating a
standalone open ended multiplayer game. The game's name is Darsana and is set in a medieval fantasy world. I'm currently looking
for people who are willing to bring the game to life, and especially mappers (Quake1/Quake3 maps).

Currently the game for the most part is coded and includes such weapons as
daggers, clubs, broadswords, battleaxes, longbows, crossbows, fire, lightning, and leech staffs, mana and
health potions, explosive arrows, and a buckler. It is
using the Darkplaces engine and is using Quake3 maps
and models.

The current URL is:

For some of the latest work with player models and
game dev here are some shots:

you can reach me via msn or my email at:

Take care.

~ Chris
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