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Q1 SP - Sewage Devastation
A boxy oldschool map!
Basically just 3 speedmaps joined together!


Zip :

Happy Easter!
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matmos is pleased with thay map. gives matmos sexual urges to keep going until the phones are colored into the background of the lights, because of the blurred lies of the talking universe throught all of it all yes.

matmos gives 7/10 to thee 
Enjoyed It 
nice old skool style, with fun gameplay.

The very last battle surprised me a little ;) 
matmos is one scary motherf*cker. 
Yay, Hrim... 
...just finished a nightmare run of your map and found that in the last room there are two little nits that can cause a little trouble... first, on the left after you've entered the room, you can get stuck beetween the wall and the wood pieces lying on the floor(a shambler fried me there! :::: P), then, if when you get on the upper floor, the ogres jump inside the elevator, preventing it from lifting. That can be great, since you get to kill the vores inside the elevator pit, but very bad if you fall down, since there's no way of getting out... (2nd shambler shaft there!!! :(). Hey, I'm just trying to be picky here... your map rocks!!!! But I thought you'd like to know... BTW, how do you get to the Megahealth without Rjumping? There is a Nightmare demo available, if someone's interested... 
...I should have read previous posts before blahblahing away... Sorry for asking answered questions and pointing already pointed nits... U rock all the way! 
The Silent 
Thats ok! You pointed at some new glitches as well. It's good to see what players find, so it can be avoided in future maps. 
Just Played This. 
Truly a wonderful little map. 
Enjoyable Map 
Played on Normal, 101/101 and 5/7 secrets. Excellent gameplay and good brushwork, especially near the end with all the wooden details, nice diversion from just the greenish texes. Some nice surprises at SK and the peekaboo underwater vores as well.

The only problem I had was near the end finding the 2nd button that wasn't at the same level as the 1st (me jumping to conclusions here). I think I spent more time exploring and secrets hunting than actually fighting ...

Great Work! 
Fun Map. 
A bit unambitious design wise in places but quite intricate in others. I like the overall vibe of it. Gameplay was fun - felt very easy early on especially with secrets, but made up for it well at the end, providing a good experience. I liked the early secrets too, some really good ones. 
Good Fun 
best bits -
use of water
intelligent progression linked to scenery
constant combat
shambler end suprise
boxiness of the design :)

worst bit -
finding the RL and being able to pick off enemies 
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