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New QW Map - The Four Horsemen
I finished a duel map (added quad and ring for 2on2s). It's called 'The Four Horsemen'. You can download it here:

A couple of asides: [km]pg is running a 2on2 tourney called 'Partners in Crime' and Four is one of the maps that will be played on:

I'm also holding a casual 1on1 tourney on Sundays at 8PM EST - channel is #horsemen on Quakenet.
Many Fun 
duels and 2on2s have been played here! It's a fun one for sure.

Drako: I suggest writing a four.txt to make the release more 'official' (and so you can give credit to all the testers ;) 
Here Is A Demo 
of a 1on1 QW match on this map. I suck so don't watch from my point of view.

Just play it in fuhquake or ezquake -- its a .mvd demo: 
It's Quite Small 
in my opinion... But seems fun.
It's an atrium and what, 3 or 4 storeys around?

Nice colorcoding helps learn the teles a bit quicker.

The texturing was a tad strange, imo tech walls and roofs don't fit that well with knave wood in other places, but maybe that's just me. :)

The hexagons were a cool idea and the RA placement is fun.

Someone next do an oldskool dm map with medieval texes, kthx. :) 
nice map :) was cool and fun...

some frogbot game play?

sure go take it, where!

me almost rape by bot...eheheh 
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