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SM124 - Houston, We Have A Problem
Straight out of the wormhole comes the latest speedmapping pack. Theme was "Spaceship", so here are three more or less unidentified flying objects by bambuz and neg!ke:
A small transporter with a little alien problem, a spaceship ride taken too literally and bam's previously released easter map (which can also be regarded as a spaceship with some fantasy).

This Screenshot Is Bad-ass! 
Force Fields Penetrated! 

sm124_neg!ke is great. :) Damn, I would love to play a fuller version of something like that. Excellent work.

sm124_neg!ke2 not quite as good, but what the hell. A treat to get 2 maps from the master this week. :)

sm124_bam - erm... I'm not sure I liked it a great deal. Sorry Bam. The scale was off and the fighting pretty dismal. :( 
sm124_neg!ke great map love the details and gameplay shooting water? wtf? :)

sm124_neg!ke2 man didn�t understand what to do with map and quit after killing the two vores and the scrags then just quit...

sm124_bam nothing espectacular but i like the end vore fight 
it was just a quick easter thememap, but the pack was delayed. So it's not easter anymore. I didn't want to use more time in the end so the gameplay is really lousy.

I'm such a novice mapper that it always takes ages for me to set up the triggers and monsters, besides doing geometry. 
i�m very fast now with triggers, func_ and monsters problem still geometry :( 
Nice Spaceship, Nice Um...egg, And Nice Boat 
Good stuff guys :)

Neg!ke's first map ruled this pack, followed by Bambuz's map, and
Neg!ke's second.

Neg!ke, have you considered doing any 3D models for Quake? Your brushwork indicates that you would be a wiz at it :) 
no, i haven't. for unfortunately modelling isn't half as easy as mapping. give me a map2mdl converter and i'm on ;) 
There Are Several Ways To Do It, 
<i/> give me a map2mdl converter and i'm on ;)

One easy way is to get a nice little shareware program called 3DExploration. If it is hard to find online (I recall having to go to a Spanish language site) let me know and I'll send it along. It reads .map files
and it can translate those into several different types (.obj, 3ds, lwo, dxf) that most common modelers can read.
If you place your brush model in a modeler like Blender, just remove doubles to get rid of the brush vertices and tweak the model to your hearts content.
You can then bring it back into a map
file using q3map2 to decompile a model into brushes if you like. 
have it compiled into an .mdl file to be inserted as a model for those custom progs.dat's that allow it. However you wanna take it. 
yeah, please send it. it may become useful some time. though i reckon it's not a very clean way of doing a model's basic shape..
airquake2 anyone? :D 
It Should Be On Its Way 
bsp23ds would work better I think. You could make a func ent, compile it, then load it into max.

But max is a fuckload better for modelling than wc or radiant, so why bother ;) 
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