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Here3dm7 : Upper Agonny (Quake III)
What do you think about this map ?
I m mapping since 4 months on Quake III and since 1999 on Quake I .
Download the map at
Enjoy !
Go on
And download it in the maps/q3 section 
You Should Be Sorry 
that map name is appropriate for the experience felt viewing your website. 
that's the first post I've ever read by you raskalnikov, and I already think you're a dickweed. please leave.

Here: I can't seem to download the map even from your site, it gives me some lycos error in french, and I don't know french :D 
it is a ftp problem
retry in the afternoon
You Can Now 
Go on my website
In the maps section and download here3dm7
(not 2.25Mo but 1.96 Mo :)))

Sorry to be french ! Scampie ... :)

PS : raskalnikov id on't now what do u say : "appropriate for the experiense" ? 
You Can Now 
Go on my website
In the maps section and download here3dm7
(not 2.25Mo but 1.96 Mo :)))

Sorry to be french ! Scampie ... :)

PS : raskalnikov id on't now what do u say : "appropriate for the experiense" ? 
works now! :D

Excellant map, Here. The theme is well done and I like that you used a consistant lighting and color scheme throughout the map. The minimalist concrete look of the outside area is very awesome, but it feels like the inner areas are rushed, and don't fit in with the rest of the map. The effect of that mirror jumppad is great, good work on that.

The layout is fine for the most part, but it feels longwinded at times. As a player, I don't like walking down hallways forever. The other weak point is the shotgun/megahealth dead end. The layout already feels very restrictive, and a large dead end like this just doesn't feel right to me. Perhaps it would have been better to make another area off to the side so players falling down there would have a choice of direction.

There are also many small problems which don't really hurt your level, they just make it seem unprofessional and unpolished. There are lots of very noticable z-fighting bits, and the lighting where curves meet really takes away from the beauty. Also, the small jumppad that goes up to the grenade launcher feels too cramped, and you always hit your head when using it... the door at the top also gives you a warning that should have been fixed before release. And while I'm speaking about that area, having that skeleton smack dab in the middle of the hall doesn't feel right, it would have been better to put him next to the wall.

Overall, it's an impressive map with some small problems. I look forward to you future maps. 
next time you have a new map release, use the submit news link (located on the top of the front page or bottom of the forum page) instead of making a new thread about it. 
Yes I Return To Work Now :))) 
Scampie thanks for your detailed answer !
I don't understand somethings (i return to work my english too ;)) but i know many errors :
For the curves light i can't do anything cause I 've created the textures , And i don't know how to iluminate it ...

Finally can you give me your mail : your advices help me a lot ( I can send you my lasted maps in the future !) 
And Now 
if you want you can download my new map (finish this day)
here3domectf (the last of my q3 section on my website 
I think it's a little hard to drop down to the lower level from under the flag-holding platforms. That's the first place I'd go after grabbing a flag, but with that kind of excitement it's hard to make such a precision move. It's easy to skip over it. 
My email is

I'll peek at that ctf map tomorrow. 
i see that at the first try : i must enlarge this gap :))) 
thats what your mom said to me last night 
sorry I m french and I m 19 I work my english I don't want to be vulgar ... 
Here3domectf Realesed 
A new version is aviable on my website 
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