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Worldcraft 1.6A, Quake 1 Mapping
A thread to help us lesser map makers
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just give the guys 5 quid and they'll be happy!

its like music cds. i dont care about a copied chart cd. i care more maybe with a cd of lets say...sting. or whatever...
flame me but that's my opinion. if i use something a lot, i buy it 
Worldcraft 1.6a And Tread 3d 
I found out why I can't seem to use textures in theses programs, it's because I dont have any pak files in my quake folder, how else can I get the tex to work? 
Gib: Get QPed

and the dir structure is as follows:


-gfx (all .lmp)
-maps (all .bsp & .ent)
-progs (all .mdl & .spr)
+sound (all .wav in relative folders)

its a good chance these folders are already in your /id1 dir and the .wavs are where they should be so just create in the pak as necessary, import... hopefully this wasn't all in vain and you needed to know all this? lol 
.pak Files 
You surely do have .pak files in your Quake folder. With WC1.6 you just extract the textures from the pak file, or just put a texture wad file in your WC folder and then add the wad through the menu thingy 
it wasn't all in vain, I didn't know that. 
It Worked. 
And make tex also worked for worldcraft but I still can't seem to get the tex from the pak file for tread 3d 2.4. I tried adding speeds custom tex and they worked fine in a wad. 
Evt Bende De Ayn� Sorun :( 
Yeah for sure this queistionun ayn�s� :d 
well do you have any clip textures on entitys on your map? 
Well done for commenting on and eight-year-old post!!!!

Gib? You remember asking this question? 
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