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Bye Bye 2005
The last maps from 2005 have gone up on ..::LvL . A pretty mix bunch in this update covering many style and game modes including Team Arena, DeFRaG and CPMA.

* Tribute by thefury (CPM/DM/Tourney 2-4 player)
* Given to fly by uoz (Team Arena 4-10 player)
* wisdomrun by orfi (DeFRaG)
* Nu Clear Lunch Time by Requiem (DM 3-12 player)
* World of Nihilism by Vymmiatacz (DM/TeamDM 8-18 player)
* Q3Deck by kinetix (DM/TeamDM 3-8 player)
* The Bravest Yard by Pasquake (Space DM 3-6 player)

Huge thanks to all the level reviewers that have been getting the map queue down.

Cya 2005 
I never liked him anyway.... 
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